Social Night Trail Run, embracing a new era of fitness

Social Night Trail Run
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As nightfall descends over Newcastle, a group of fitness enthusiasts gather at Grey Goose Game Lodge. This is no ordinary running excursion, rather it is about experiencing trail running under a new light.

On Saturday, October 12, Strong Like A Girl and Grey Goose Game Lodge hosted a Social Night Trail Run.

“The Social Night Trail Run is an introduction to the Grey Goose trail and the Grey Goose Fitness Club,” says Tarn Strydom of Strong Like A Girl.

The event allows people to experience a different view of the picturesque beauty on the Grey Goose Trail, under the brilliance of the moon. “The idea was to create an interest in trail running. While people are familiar with the trail during the day, running it at night is a different atmosphere,” Taryn elaborates.

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The Social Night Trail Run also introduced non-trail runners to the social aspect of trail running, allowing people to embrace a healthy lifestyle while enjoying an evening of socialising.

Under the brilliance of the moon, the evening was enjoyed by one and all.

Tielman Roos, Dirk Both, and Michael Twyman with Elsa and Andre Grundlingh.
Marinda Stander and Juanita Geldenhuys.
Anton Barkowitz, Tiffany Rostron and Magda Jansen van Vuuren.
Nibha and Variq Sewpaul.
Anton Smit, Magda Jansen van Vuuren, Schalk Louwrens, Mariaan Moore, Susan Louwrens and Anton Barkowitz.
Kate Chen, David Huang, Michelle Huang and Peter Ye.
A runner takes to the trail.
Participants running towards the trail, all ready for the evening’s fun.
Daylight fades, as runners take part in the Social Night Trail Run.
Runners donning headlamps as they take to the Grey Goose trail,
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