Police confiscate drugs, counterfeit cash and stolen goods

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Lurking within the shadows of society, there are those who show total disregard to the law. Individuals who pursue a life in crime. However, their deeds do not go unnoticed, with the police pursuing them at every corner.

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The Newcastle K9 Unit is a formidable force, sniffing out criminal activity and putting a leash on dastardly fiends.

On October 6, the Newcastle K9 Unit received information about a vehicle transporting stolen tower batteries to Gauteng.

Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, Captain Jabulani Ncube explains the K9 Unit was told the suspect was allegedly travelling to Gauteng along the R34.

Responding to the information, Warrant Officer Dlomo, Sergeant Thusi, Constable Nkabinde and Constable Ngcobo rushed out to the R34, searching for the suspect. He was found and taken into custody, while his vehicle and the stolen tower batteries were confiscated.

In a separate incident, October 11, the Newcastle K9 Unit received further information regarding drugs. Responding to the tip-off, a man was arrested at Newcastle Taxi City with 44 mandrax tablets.

Following the two arrests by the Newcastle K9 Unit, the Osizweni Police conducted an intelligence-driven operation with the assistance of the Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit.

Taking place on Saturday, October 12, the intelligence-driven operation saw the police officers following up on information and make their way to Section A, Osizweni.

Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, Captain Jabulani Ncube explains that upon arriving in Osizweni, Section A, the officers arrested a man after he was found with R500 in counterfeit money.

The 45-year-old suspect’s first court appearance taking place at the Madadeni Magistrate Court on Monday, October 12.

Well done to the officer involved in the arrests of the three arrests.

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