Lynnelle Buctwar, the Newcastillian Beauty of the Month

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Every month, the Newcastillian finds and interviews the most radiant women in our community for our Beauty of the Month. This month’s nominee is Lynnelle Buctwar, a woman of immense personal strength and values.

Having completed her Bcom Degree in Enterprise Management and currently employed at Optical Alliance, a diverse buying group of Optometrists throughout South Africa, Lynnelle’s desire to constantly enhance her life sees her becoming a formidable woman.

“I’ve always enjoyed being present in business environments, learning about new advancements and methods. This definitely prompts the educational direction I have chosen.”

However, Lynnelle emphasises that choosing a career is no easy task.

“I think awareness surrounding whether or not you have made the correct choices, comes when you are actually employed as you intended. My current place of employment has definitely brought validation regarding my career choice.”

This, she says, is because she is constantly challenged, exposed to new ideas, perspectives and information which allows her to continuously grow towards her end goal.

Why does Lynnelle believe education is important for women and young girls?

“Given the current situation of our country and the world in its entirety, education is the only leverage young girls and women can equip themselves with on an unchallenged basis. In my opinion, education is a resilient tool which will empower young girls and women, allowing them to make independent choices and decisions.”

Constantly striving to improve herself, what are Lynnelle’s aspirations for the future?

“In terms of my short-term goals, I intend on completing my Masters’ Degree by 2020. From there, I intend to start another degree, specialising in operations and economics.”

Furthermore, Lynnelle hopes to establish a company which allows corporate entities to outsource daily overhead tasks to her with the option of training and certification included.

“Another aspiration is starting an NGO for stray animals, eventually operating a fully-fledged rehabilitation and adoption centre,” she explains.

As she sets her sights on seeing her aspirations become a reality, what challenges does Lynnelle face in her daily life? And what challenges does she feel other women face in the business world?

“In my opinion, a continued challenge is the ever-rising expectations placed among females. Also, in a business environment, women have always been viewed as inferior.”

While claiming that on paper things look substantially better for women, Lynnelle says there are still obstacles which need to be overcome.

These challenges include women defying social expectations, the struggle to be taken seriously, owning their accomplishments, while balancing their professional and personal lives.

“I do, however, strongly believe we are now better equipped to handle these challenges and should always view them as opportunities to exploit.”

As a strong-willed woman, what does beauty mean to Lynnelle?

“I think too often, beauty is seen as a cosmetic characteristic. For me, beauty is the natural pureness a person encompasses. It is the ability to shine through your outer layer, allowing your presence to speak louder than your physical self.”

However, why does Lynnelle feel it is important for women and girls to put any effort into their appearance and health?

“I think the appearance of a person strongly influences the way they are perceived by the rest of the world. Therefore, in order to be taken seriously, it is essential that we dress according to the type of attention we would like to receive. Also, looking good almost always makes you feel good,” Lynnelle smiles.

What make-up accessory can Lynnelle not go without?

“A good lip balm is essential for me, especially during winter in Newcastle.”

As this month’s Beauty of the Month, what health and fitness routine does Lynnelle follow?

“I enjoy spinning in the morning, and occasionally go for walks during the evenings. Every fitness routine, however, should be accompanied by a healthy diet,” she emphasises.

Setting her sights on the future and achieving her goals, what advice can Lynnelle give young girls?

“Always be the exception to the rule. Too often young females are either placed into or unconsciously persuaded into situations which causes them to lose their individuality. Do not be persuaded by the expectations of the world or the people around you. Always remain true to the person you know you are capable of being. Self-educate, grow, establish and take over the world.”

As a beautiful and independent woman, Lynnelle Buctwar is a true beauty and is deserving of this issue’s, Beauty of the Month.

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