Shamiel Fakie, the Newcastillian Hunk of the Month

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Muscular and good-looking, the well-groomed hunk is a man which leaves his peers green with envy, and women yearning for acknowledgement.

Every month, the Newcastillian sits down and chats to a local looker to find out more about their life. This month’s Hunk of the Month is none other than Shamiel Fakie, a man who is known for his business savvy and love of working out.

As a good looking and stylish bloke, what advice can you give other men in becoming a hunk?

“It is important to look after yourself. By this, I mean you need to eat right, gym regularly and make conscious decisions about self-care overall. Also, put effort into your appearance. This involves shaving weekly and going for regular haircuts. For example, I go for a haircut once a week because my hair grows so fast.”

But regular haircuts, shaving and leading a healthy lifestyle is not the only thing which can help men get their hunk on.

Shamiel puts emphasis on a well-chosen wardrobe, “You don’t need to buy branded clothing. You just need to select a certain style and ensure it looks good. Ask for advice if you have too. If you are well dressed and groomed, you are already winning.”

What parts of the male physique gets the most attention from women?

“I would have to say the shoulders, back and arms,” smiles Shamiel.

However, he says one must never neglect the rest of one’s body in the gym. “I have heard women comment on how good a guy looks, but mention they just wish his legs weren’t so skinny. Women don’t want a guy who is shaped like a carrot,” Shamiel laughs.

What are the most times you have been hit on in a day by a woman?

“That’s rather difficult to say,” smiles Shamiel.

Despite being an outgoing, good looking guy, Shamiel says he spends most of his time at work and doesn’t get out much.

“Then there is the fact that everyone knows each other in Newcastle. So, you need to be conscious of who you are talking to and how you respond,” he laughs.

However, he elaborates he has seen his fair share of women hitting on him. “There will be a dry period and suddenly, I will have like three women hitting on me.”

Do you think people treat you differently because of your good looks?

“I have never been treated differently because of the way I look. But I do think people treat someone who is well-groomed and neat, better than if that person was dressed in tracksuit pants, hoody and slops.”

What are the perks of being good looking?

Laughing loudly, Shamiel says he has never benefited from his looks. “I face the same problems as everyone else and I get treated exactly the same as everyone else.”

As the Hunk of the Month, what advice can Shamiel give to us Regular Joes in attracting the fairer sex?

“Be yourself and don’t try to hide your intentions and sugar coat anything. If a woman cannot accept you or what you believe in, she isn’t worth getting involved with,” Shamiel concludes.

As this month’s Hunk of the Month, Shamiel Fakie is truly an example for men in NKZN.

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