Is there a sex offender in your midst?

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When it comes to sex-related crimes, people often tend to think that a perpetrator is likely to be a stranger. 

However, according to statistics, an individual is more likely to be raped or molested by someone they know personally than by a stranger.

In fact, Rape Crisis England & Wales studies show, that there is a 90% chance you will be raped or molested by a loved one or a family friend. So, the question is, how do you identify a potential sex offender in your circle of family and friends? How do you know if there is a paedophile in arms reach of your child?

While child molesters don’t stand out from the crowd, there are signs that you can look out for. These signs are as follows:

  • Paedophiles often treat or talk to children as if the child is an adult. They might even relate better to children than adults. In fact, they tend to try and spend as much time with children as possible.
  • Child molesters enjoy taking photographs and videos of children. Be wary of the family member or friend who constantly wants to take photos of your child.
  • Sex offenders who prey on children will often groom a child, gaining their trust before they molest them. Grooming involves taking the child on holidays, shopping trips or buying the child gifts.
  • Always hugging children, as well as other physical affection, which will at times be done in front of parents to create a sense of trust with everyone.
  • A sex-offender will often get involved in sporting or volunteer programmes where children are involved. They will then focus on the most vulnerable children.
  • A male sex offender who is single, will often try and date women with children or become close friends with people who have children and will readily offer to babysit.

With but a few signs, you can possibly save your child from falling victim to a sex offender’s sordid desires. Be vigilant and look after your little loved ones!

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