Newcastle bids a bitter farewell to Dons de Kock

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He was more than a mere face in the crowd. Dons de Kock was the very image of compassion and self-confidence. His passion for his family, friends and the community were unrivalled.

Renowned for his business savvy and his humour, Dons de Kock suddenly passed away on September 21. Leaving a void within the Newcastle community that can never be filled.

Leaving behind his loving wife, Susan, and his two daughters Talischa and Mianè, Dons has left a legacy which will resonate for years to come.

“Dons cared for people and always gave freely to others. He was truly active in the community, whether through feeding schemes or other community-initiatives. He always made time for people,” says Susan.

Willie Stander, a close friend, adds that Dons’ behaviour reflected his character and moral fibre. “I knew Dons from our days in university and he was a compassionate person, someone who never judged and accepted people for who they were.”

While many know Dons through Fruit & Veg, not many know that he comes from a corporate environment.

“We worked together at ABSA and he also worked at AST. When he got tired of the corporate world and the traffic of Gauteng, we moved to Newcastle in 2004 and it was then that he began with Fruit & Veg,” says Susan.

Proving to be a formidable businessman, Dons was an avid golfing enthusiast and enjoyed hunting as well. The outdoor life appealing to his vibrant personality.

As a driven businessman, Susan explains he always remained down to earth. “He was always the middle point of a conversation and when he walked into a room, people were drawn to him. He was filled with so much compassion and he was always smiling, always positive.”

Willie adds that as long-time friends, he was always considered the serious one of the friendship, while Dons was viewed as the approachable and friendly one.

As his family, friends and the community still come to terms with his sudden passing, the Newcastillian extends its heartfelt condolences to his loved ones. Dons was a true gentleman, a man who will be remembered.

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