Flowing sewage causes a stench in Aviary Hill

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An overwhelming stench fills the air, as sewage flows freely out onto a vacant piece of land. Rancid water and sewage creating a pool of filth.

Hidden from the sight of passers-by, the filth goes virtually unnoticed. The lingering smell, the only evidence that there is something foul going in the area.

A concerned resident has recently come forward, reporting three major sewage leaks in Nagtegaal Street, Peacock Crescent and Reier Crescent in Aviary Hill. All of which have apparently been flowing for months.

sewage, Newcastillian
A pool of sewage on a vacant plot of land in Nagtegaal Street.

“There are pools of sewage on the three pieces of land and you can see they aren’t recent leaks. There is vegetation growing in it already,” says the resident, who has opted to remain anonymous.

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Concerned about the health risks pertaining to sewage leaks, the resident is looking at the Newcastle Municipality for answers.
Sewage, Newcastillian
Cllr Bertie Meiring stands at Nagtegaal Street, where one of the leaks are.

Cllr Bertie Meiring explains one of the causes for the sewage leaks is ageing infrastructure. “The budget for maintenance has been cut by R19 million. This, in turn, affects the maintenance of the infrastructure, the municipality vehicles and equipment.”

With Cllr Meiring explaining the cuts in the maintenance budget has made a major impact on repairing failing infrastructure, he explains at present, it seems the Newcastle Municipality is only repairing where people come forward to explain.

“It seems areas such as this, where no one complains, is neglected,” he says.

A large pool of sewage in Reier Crescent.

However, Cllr Meiring is currently busy with a petition to have the matter addressed.  He explains the petition was initially started to address the situation of blocked stormwater drains but is now extending to the leaks. leaks.

“We are entering the rainy season, and something needs to be done,” he says.

The Newcastle Municipality’s Communications Department was contacted for comment. but they have thus far remained silent on the situation.

With Cllr Meiring looking for a resolution on the matter, what are your thoughts on the situation? Share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below.

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Sewage flows freely down Peacock Street.
A beautiful view in Peacock crescent tarnished by a pool of sewage.
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One thought on “Flowing sewage causes a stench in Aviary Hill

  • 6th Oct 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Stop doing everything for the Indigents and show some pride in your city Newcastle and Newcastle West, that is if you have any. Newcastle Municipality.


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