Teenage girl stabs her stepfather to death

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A teenage girl is in prison for stabbing her stepfather to death, following a heated argument between the two.

The incident took place in Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, on Saturday, September 28. The stepfather apparently returned home “intoxicated” from the Hilton Rugby Fields, when the argument allegedly broke out.

With detectives now investigating a case of murder, Warrant Officer Moitheri Bojabotseha claims the deceased’s wife was unable to stop the two from arguing. He elaborates it was during the argument that the 18-year-old suspect took a knife and stabbed her stepfather on the right side of his torso.

While emergency services were called to the scene, the man was certified as dead on the scene. The suspect appeared briefly in court on Monday, September 30, and her bail hearing will take place on October 7.

A few hours after the fatal stabbing, Aliwal North police arrested a woman for murdering her husband, after she threw a mayonnaise bottle at him.

The couple allegedly had a fight on Saamwerk Farm on the night of the incident. Police claim the couple were drinking and the man hit the woman over the head with a knobkerrie while she was cooking.

Retaliating, she then apparently threw the bottle of mayonnaise at him and a shard of glass from the bottle cut through his upper right arm.

Despite bleeding profusely, it is claimed he refused medical assistance from paramedics who responded to the scene. The husband and wife then continued to drink, before going to bed.

The wife then discovered her husband dead the following morning, September 29.

With two cases of domestic violence resulting in the loss of life, Aliwal North Station Commander, Colonel Chris Wright is condemning domestic violence. He encourages people to learn how to communicate and resolve issues in a peaceful manner, refraining from violence.

He further states as the police deal with domestic violence daily, the police can see the emotional stress it wreaks on the lives of loved ones and the community.

The community is encouraged to report domestic violence to the SAPS, as the police will be able to assist victims in escaping potential life-threatening circumstances.

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