Eskom turning off the lights? What can you do in the dark?

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The threat of Eskom switching off Newcastle’s electricity looms heavy over the town. Will Newcastle Municipality manage to stop the potential power outages?

The Newcastle Municipality has attempted to acquire an interdict from the High Court in Pietermaritzburg. A move which they hope will halt Eskom’s plans.

The case will continue tomorrow, October 3. During the court battle, both Newcastle Municipality and Eskom will bring their respective arguments to the court. It is then that the High Court will decide whether the interdict will be put into place or not.

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However, with a load of uncertainty surrounding the situation, the Newcastillian asked members of the public, if the power were to be switched off, what fun things are there to do in the dark? This is what they have to say….

Amanda Kubheka:

“There are no activities which I can do, except being forced to go and sleep which isn’t all that fun,” laughs Amanda.

She says with women often relying on electricity to do their hair, clean the house and cook, sleep was about the only thing a person can do without electricity.

Niksha Ramkissoon:

“Board games and playing cards are a good option for when there is no electricity,” Niksha claims.

Jan Labuschagne:

“Nothing, what else can we do? You can’t even make yourself a cup of coffee,” Jan laughs.

Siboniso Gama:

Siboniso seems to see the bright side in the situation, claiming one has the opportunity to light up the fireplace and socialise with friends.

“You can even light a few tyres to keep warm and chase yourself around at night like on Halloween,” he laughs.

If the court case on October 3 doesn’t fall in Newcastle’s favour, and the electricity is turned off, how will you keep yourselves entertained? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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