Looters escape with beer after truck overturns

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Looters made off with a substantial amount of beer this morning, September 26, after a truck overturned on the Volksrust Road.

According to a police officer on the scene, the truck driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle at approximately 8am.

“It is unclear at this stage why he lost control, but shortly after the vehicle overturned, people started looting the truck of the beer it was transporting.”

According to the police officer, when authorities arrived on the scene, scores of looters had already started removing the alcohol from the truck.

Looters of all ages rushed to the scene.

“There was an estimate of 200 people. Someone must have smelled the leakage and started phoning their friends and the message must have got around. Vehicles were actually blocking traffic at one stage.”

Truck, Newcastillian, looters
Looters searching for any undamaged alcohol.

The truck driver apparently sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The truck is still on its side and motorists are encouraged to practice caution when driving along the road. There are also still several looters attempting to take whatever alcohol had not been damaged in the incident.

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