St Dominics Newcastle, not all heroes wear capes

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In the pursuit of excellence, St Dominics Newcastle stands in a class of its own. Dedicated to making an impact in the lives of its learners and the community at large.

Such is the dedication of the St Dominics Newcastle staff, that the male teachers recently proved real heroes don’t wear capes. They wear the St Dominics Newcastle badge.

The gentlemen of St Dominics Newcastle, where heroes wear the St Domincs Newcastle badge with pride.

Looking at the community and the social ills which often plague society, St Dominics Newcastle recently held a special assembly. During the assembly, the Grade 11 learners did a presentation on gender violence, xenophobia, farm murders, racism and child abuse.

Wearing black clothing, lighting candles and standing against crime, the St Dominics Newcastle learners are determined to see justice for all and the women and girls of our country being safe.

St Dominics Newcastle makes a stand against violence against women.

While playing an active role in creating a safe environment for all South Africans, the Grade 12 learners are also preparing for their final days at school. As they prepare to make their way into the future, they share a special message directed to their school, their teachers and fellow learners.

Pixelfish Marketing congratulates St Dominics Newcastle for always willing to go the extra mile and good luck to the Grade 12 Learners for the upcoming finals.

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