MYO Soccer Tournament scores a successful weekend

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Soccer is more than a sport or a mere pastime. It is a way of life which captivates players and scores of fans.

As Bill Shankly, a Scottish soccer player and one-time manager of Liverpool FC, said, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it is much more serious than that.”

On Saturday, September 14, a staggering 48 soccer teams descended onto Paradise Sports Grounds. Their mission to participate in the 16 Annual Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) Seven-A-Side Soccer Tournament.

An event which sees soccer enthusiast from Johannesburg, Escourt, Ladysmith, Ermelo, Dundee, Vryheid, Volksrust, Madadeni and Newcastle compete against each other for the love of the sport.

Ensuring fair play, the tournament saw teams divided into age groups, u/9, u/11, u/13, u/15 and u/17 teams.

The Newcastle United u/11 team ready to kick-off the tournament.

As the teams took to the grounds, spectators cheering on their favourite teams, Shabir Ismail, one of the day’s organisers, emphasised the event had one major purpose. “It is to bring youngsters of all ages, races and religion together and see them enjoy a day of soccer, highlighting the importance of clean living.”

Ismail further thanked the Almighty, the community of Newcastle and all those who involved in the day for ensuring the event was a major success.

Players from Siraatul Ul Haq and ICN competing for the ball.

“When we first started the MYO Seven-A- Soccer Tournament, there were only 12 teams and we are now seeing 46 teams taking part.”

The winners of the day are:

While the teams put on an excellent display of soccer, the individual players were also commended for their efforts.

In the u/9 division, the following players were awarded for their time on the field:

 Golden Glove: Moosa Badat from An Noor.

The Golden Booth: Noordeen Kauma from Siraat Ul Haq.

Most Sporting Player: Mohammed Tinkouries from ICN.

In the u/11 division, the following players were awarded:

Golden Glove: Umar Ahmed from Newcastle United

Golden Booth: Yusuf Kareem from ICN

Most Sporting Player: Cassim Fundi from Siraatul Haq

In the u/13 division, the following players were recognised for their efforts:

Golden Glove: Kian Gabriel Thompson from Al Huda

Golden Booth: Hamza Msibi of Al Kawthar

Most Sporting Player: Nadeem Habim from Tezza

The players from the u/15 who were awarded for their efforts are:

Golden Glove Ebrahim Langa from Al Ansaar

Golden Booth: Shafiq Hlope of Al Ansaar

Most Sporting Player: Ebrahim Madi from Madadeni Maktab

The following players from the u/17 division were acknowledged for their stellar performance:

Golden Glove: Fanafuthi Xaba from Mujahideen

Golden Booth: Vasilis Pornalis from Al Ahly

Most Sporting Player: Thabo Dlamini From Vryheid. 

Congratulations to the winning teams and the players for their excellent performance on the soccer field.

Dundee and Tezza in a fast-paced match.
Players from Al Ansaar and Anjum vying for the win.
Two players from Volksrust and Azzuri seeking to gain control over the ball during their match.
Al-Huda set to play.
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