Newcastle Municipality responds to Deputy Mayor’s collision

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Deputy Mayor Reuben Molelekoa is currently under police and municipal investigation.

This follows an incident where Cllr Molelekoa damaged two properties in oSizweni, after losing control of a vehicle.

Following the incident, Cllr Molelekoa apparently attempted to flee the scene. However, his escape was short-lived and he was caught, taken into police custody and charged for the incident.

With investigations underway, Newcastle Municipality issued a statement pertaining to the incident.

In the statement released by Dr Dumisani Thabethe, head of communications at the municipality, it states, “In the context that the accident happened, the municipality has therefore decided to start an investigation which will be led by the Speaker, to look at all the circumstances that might have led to the accident.”

Furthermore, Dr Thabethe says the municipality will allow the SAPS to conclude their investigations.

“Since this also involves two families whose properties were damaged, the municipality has since visited the families to tender our apologies, this was done together with the Deputy Mayor,” Dr Thabathe says.

There is also a commitment from Cllr Molelekoa to cover the costs of the two properties. Repair work has allegedly begun, with the municipality maintaining constant contact with the families to check the progress.

The statement confirms Cllr Molelekoa is currently at home and did not sustain any significant physical injuries.

“The municipality appreciates the fact that no life was lost and it does take note that the property damage is of a serious nature,” concludes Thabethe.

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