Need to catch a taxi? Here is how. Plus learn more about this R50b a year industry

Throw a hand signal here, the one which clicks the link

When it comes to public transport, minibus taxis are one of the most affordable and readily available forms of transportation in South Africa.

Millions of South Africans rely on taxis to get them to work, town and school on a daily basis. Such is the size of the taxi industry, that in May 2019, Transaction Capital reported that 69% of all South African households used minibus taxis and the taxi industry was worth approximately R50 billion a year.

Transaction Capital is an active investor in and operator of credit-orientated alternative assets managed by experienced entrepreneurial management teams.

Furthermore, Transaction Capital explains with a bulk of the South African population relying on taxis, the average minibus taxi travels 19 billion kilometres a year.

While the taxi industry continues to operate, despite the tough economic times that South Africans face, how does one catch a taxi? For some, this is common knowledge. But there are those who have no idea and when they need a taxi, they suddenly find themselves oblivious on what hand signs to use.

In order to educate Newcastillians, the Newcastillian spoke to Musi Ndlela at Newcastle Taxi Rank for a few pointers.

Going to town

Whether you live in a township or in a suburb near a busy road, Musi says this hand sign lets taxi drivers know you are going to town.

“If you show this sign, a taxi driver will most likely stop for you if his vehicle isn’t full and he will take you to town,” Musi assures.

What happens if you are in a township or in a certain area, but you just need transport from one part or section to the next?

“This hand sign shows you want to stay local (In the respective township or area) and as with the first-hand sign, it is one used by people all over the country. You can use it anywhere in South Africa.”

What hand sign do you need to use when going to oSizweni or Madadeni?

Musi explains there are two different hand signs which let taxi drivers know which township you would like to travel to.

This hand signal lets a taxi driver know you are going to oSizweni.

Madadeni requires you to put your hand in a certain angle, with your fingers showing which section you want to travel to.

Musi explains this hand signal lets a taxi driver know you are heading to Madadeni Section 1.
Musi shows the hand sign which will get you to Madadeni Section 2.
However, before showing hand signs, Musi says it takes more than simply standing next to the road.

“Firstly, you need to make your way to the taxi rank. If you can’t, make your way to one of the allocated spots in Allen Street. There, you will be able to show the relevant hand signs to signal taxi drivers.

Musi assures all people in times of using public transport, taxi drivers are simply one hand sign away.

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