Taiwanese Group, Semiscon brings A-Cappella to Newcastle

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Bubbling with excitement, the Taiwanese and Chinese community, alongside other guests, gathered together at the Wedding Court on Gutenberg Street on Wednesday evening, September 11.

The evening promising to be a magical one, filled with cultural and musical entertainment. It is an evening where Newcastillians could witness the awe of the internationally renowned group Semiscon Vocal Band.

Since the group’s establishment in 2002, Semiscon Vocal Band is Taiwan’s first pure vocal performance group to form an A-Cappella group.

A-Cappella means the group does not rely on any musical instruments, but rather use their voices for all singing and music.

Travelling to various countries around the globe, the group’s musical talents captivated the audience. Their talent leaving guests in wonder.

The group was also joined by two world-renowned Taiwanese Circus artists, Tun-Yi Chao and Shih-Hao Yang. Being the first time working alongside Semiscon, they entertained guests with cubes and the Cyr wheel.

With the renowned vocal band and circus performers putting on a stellar performance in Newcastle, their visit to Newcastle is linked to Double Ten ROC National Day which will take place on October 10.

The National Day of the Republic of China, also referred to as Double Ten Day or Double Tenth Day, is the national day of the Republic of China (ROC). It commemorates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of 10 October 1911 (10-10 or double ten), which led to the end of the Qing Dynasty in China and establishment of the Chinese Republic on 1 January 1912.

During the course of the Chinese Civil War, the government of the Republic of China lost control of mainland China, fleeing to the Island of Taiwan in December 1949. The National Day is now mainly celebrated in ROC-controlled Taiwan but is also celebrated by some overseas Chinese.

In celebration of the day, the Overseas Community Affairs Council invited Semiscon Vocal Band to serve an audio and visual feast which is a combination of A-Cappella and Acrobatics to overseas compatriots in Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

Dr Funmei Chang, National Policy Advisor to the president from the office of the president of the Republic of China (Taiwan), says it was an honour for her to have been requested to lead the group to South Africa.

“I have been in and out of the country a number of times over the years, and this is the first time I have been in Newcastle.”

Describing Newcastillians as warm individuals, Dr Chang explains the performance on Wednesday evening, marked the group’s third performance in South Africa, with the team enjoying every moment interacting with guests and giving them a show to remember.

With the evening proving to be a unique experience, breaking away from the mundane, this is one performance Newcastle guests are set to remember.

Ella, Emily and Emma Lai with Rebecca Huang.
Ashok and Ashika Anandhaw.
Newcastle Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce President, Jackie Wu with Dr Funmei Chang and Chin Cheng Lai.
Kendra and Kathy Walton with Tracy Hsu and Nishi Pillay.
Nancy Wen with Angel, Andre, Andy and Anderson.
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