Who are the better drivers, men or women? The answers are surprising

Throughout the years, the ongoing battle of the sexes has seen plenty of topics being brought to explosive conversation. Sometimes ending in dinner parties or get-togethers aggressively divided with men and women hurtling strong-willed opinions at each other, about who is the superior gender.

One of the anger-generating topics at the top of the list is none other than, who is the better driver, a man or a woman? Which gender has mastered the automotive skillset and which one is just spinning their tires?

The Newcastillian hit the streets to see what men and woman had to say on the topic:

Mzwakhe Duma

“Women are better drivers than men. They are more cautious and stick to the laws of the road more than men do. Men are more aggressive and less patient when driving, and we won’t talk about speeding.”

Bianca Barnard

“Some women are better drivers; they tend to be more cautious and tend to speed less. I must admit though, my husband is a good driver.”

Francois Pretorius

“I think women are better drivers than men because they are more careful and more talented at driving than men are.”

What are your thoughts? Are women better motorists than men are? Share your views and opinions in the comment section beneath.

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