Newcastle Lions Club does its part in rooting for the environment

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As nature flourishes back to life with the dawn of spring, the Newcastle Lions Club is truly establishing its roots into the community.

Recently, Newcastle Lions Club planted a tree at S.E. Vawda School and a further four trees at Chelmsford Combined School.

President of the Newcastle Lions Club, Nicolette Baney explains this is an annual initiative run by the Lions Club.

Newcastle Lions Club members Zarina and Lynette Luck plant a tree.

“One of our aims is to improve our environment and during the month of September, we chose a few NPOs or schools and purchased trees for them to promote Arbor Month,” she says.

Adding a touch of colour to the two local schools, the donation of the trees was well received with the schools extending their heartfelt thanks to Newcastle Lions Club.

Chelmsford Combined School learners watch on as a tree is planted at their school.

Well done to the Lions Club for promoting the importance of planting trees and improving our environment.


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