Protestors shut down Newcastle, their voices will not be ignored

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Braving a cool Friday morning and drizzling rain, protestors take a stand against Newcastle Municipality.

The protest began in the early hours of this morning, September 6. Protestors blocking various roads to ensure a total shutdown of Newcastle.

Protestors are fighting against the increase in the rates, as well as the debt owing to Eskom by the Newcastle Municipality.

With Newcastle Mayor Ntuthuko Mahlaba denying meetings with protestors this week, claiming he had previous meetings to attend to, the protestors are demanding their voices are heard.

Various businesses in the CBD are closing their doors today, ensuring the protestors are able to show Newcastle Municipality that their voices will not go unheard.

Several schools have closed today due to the protests, ensuring children are not affected by the protest action.

While protestors are showing no signs of aggression, there is a strong police presence.

“We want people to know this is a peaceful protest and we are doing this to stand up against Newcastle Municipality,” claims one protestor.

Residents are encouraged to travel with caution.

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