Monica Mostert, a rising star in the music industry

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Keith Richards, one of the most iconic musicians of all times, once said, “Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.”

For Monica Mostert, these words resonate truth, as she has dedicated a large part of her life to music. “Since I was a little girl, at the age of seven-years-old, I just loved singing and always wanted to do a little concert for the family when they came to visit my parents. They called me a drama queen, but I knew that was my dream.

During her school career, Monica normally sang at concerts, always dreaming of becoming a musical sensation.

“Then in 2010, things started to get serious when I did the Supersterre on SABC2 at Carnival City. That was a big experience for me. I then started getting shows at places. And now I want to thank God for making my dream come true, as I’m really busy in the music industry.”

As a musician, what genre of music does Monica enjoy performing?

“I’m a country girl and absolutely love country music. Not just because I can wear cowboy boots, but wow, it’s always a hit. It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you sing, country music can put anyone in a good mood. So, I would say my favourite genre of music is definitely Country music.

Singing in both Afrikaans and English, Monica says she has noticed the Zulu music scene has grown exceptionally well over the past year. So much so, that she is currently busy with four new Zulu songs. “I’m extremely excited to promote it to my supporters.”

Being involved in the music world for several years now, Monica says she has experienced several highlights throughout her career.

“I would say every show is a highlight, not just one specific one. But I do have my shows where there are well-known artists performing as well, and I have a good relationship with a lot of them and I can always ask them for some advice.”

Building up her music career, Monica started with her first album in 2018. However, due to her finishing her Educational degree in the same year, her album came to a standstill.

“But we are busy with my own studio in Ladysmith, so we are looking to finish up the album before the end of the year as well as a music video,” she emphasises.

With her mind set on pursuing her dreams as a musician, Monica explains that recording an album is no easy feat.

“It really takes a lot of work and planning to bring out an album. It’s not just about going into the studio, singing a song and boom it’s done. It’s nothing like that at all. It really takes a lot of concentration and work. You can sing one song about five times or more. One mistake and you must do everything all over again. You need to make sure your notes are 100% correct and that your words are clear. There are a lot of hours which go into an album. But every second of it is fun.”

Her album’s name is Ek wil altyd by jou wees.

“I wrote this song in 2017 for my husband Cornelius Mostert. All my re-checks on the wording was done by one of my music friends in Boksburg where I started my cd.”

What are the biggest challenges Monica believe musicians face?

“The biggest challenges in the music industry are to make sure you sing the correct songs. It’s important to choose the correct songs, so it can catch the audience’s attention.”

Despite all the hard work which goes into pursuing a career in music, Monica says she absolutely loves it.

“I enjoy the music industry because it’s what I love to do. Maybe one of my songs can change someone’s life. Or maybe I can send out a message just because of one song. I love it when I see people enjoy my music and having fun. Music speaks to your soul when you are down it lifts you up. Music always gives you calmness when you are happy and it always cheers you up.”

What advice can Monica give to those pursuing a career in music?

“My advice is to never give up and to do what you love. When you are committed to what you love and you put in all the attention that it needs, you will come out on top. I always say hard work pays off,” Monica concludes.

People can follow Monica Mostert on Instagram, as well as on her Facebook page: MONICA FAN PAGE. All the details of her shows and music are there for people to enjoy.

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