Suryaville Primary hosts inter-school cricket tournament

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Walking nervously up to the cricket pitch, a six-year-old child finds himself under the spotlight as his teammates cheer him on.

He watches the bowler carefully, steadily holding his bat. The ball suddenly speeds towards him, he swings his bat, connects the ball and the match is officially underway.

A learner from Chelmsford Primary puts his batting skills to the test.

On Thursday, August 22, an interschool cricket tournament took place between Suryaville Primary, Lennoxton Primary, Chelmsford Primary and S.E. Vawda Primary.

Taking place during school hours, allowing children to escape the confines of their classrooms, the event which was hosted by Suryaville Primary proved to be a successful endeavour.

Nashreen Nanan of Suryaville Primary and one of the event’s organisers says, “It is a series of friendly matches between the schools, whose children usually only play against each other at the KFC Mini Cricket Festival. This tournament allows children to develop their skills while introducing the start of the cricket season to them.”

Implementing a new era of cricket between the four schools, Nashreen says a lot of effort went into organising the event.

“We would like to thank the organising committee, which is made up of Neera Singh, Sharika Munnilal, Riona Govender, Raynah Singh and myself.”

The organising committee of the inter-school cricket tournament at Suryaville Primary.

As the participating children from the respective schools enjoyed a morning of friendly competitive playing, Nashreen says the children also learned more about executing steals in a match, while perfecting their cricket play.

With the first inter-school cricket tournament proving to be a success, the children are looking forward to it becoming a regular fixture on their sporting calendars.

A learner from Lennoxton Primary in action.


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