Karshia Ajudhiya, the Newcastillian’s Beauty of the Month

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To be blessed in this life with magnificent beauty and a golden personality is truly a gift, something we as humans need to appreciate. 

We at the Newcastillian, take the time every month to showcase these rare gems in our community. Women who brighten up the world, simply by walking into a room.

When it comes to beauty, Karshia Ajudhiya is one such woman. Such is her beauty, that Karshia proudly took the crown of Miss India Northern KwaZulu-Natal in 2016. 

“Initially, I joined the pageant as I saw it as an opportunity to enhance my self-confidence. When I was crowned, it was an amazing feeling. I never entered to win, but rather enjoyed the charitable aspect, working with other women and promoting empowerment between women,” says Karshia.

Since taking the crown in 2016, modelling has become a hobby which she has fully embraced. so much so, that she now assists the pageant on a regular basis, ensuring new participants find their way within the beauty industry.

“I enjoy assisting the participants while walking the journey of their reign with them,” says Karshia.

Playing a role in beauty pageants, what does true beauty mean to Karshia?

“Beauty comes from within. It showcases your confidence levels to everyone around you.”

As Karshia gives up so much of her time to Miss India NKZN, not many realise that she is a welding and fabrication inspector.

Working within a male-dominated environment, Karshia says she often laughs when people ask what she does for a living. None ever expecting her, a beauty queen, to take on the challenges that go with her career choice.

“There will always be male figures who are trying to be better. But with women taking more management roles within the working environment, a woman needs to learn to stand her ground. Through the pageant, I was able to become more confident and able to express myself better.”

As a striking beauty, balancing the worlds of beauty pageants and her career, how does she maintain her health?

“I often like to think of myself as a wannabe fitness fanatic,” Karshia laughs.

Focusing on healthy living, Karshia explains she enjoys aerobics four times a week, a healthy diet which includes steamed veggies and of course, drinking water regularly.

As a beauty queen and a welding and fabrication inspector, Karshia says there is very little which can stop a woman from achieving her dream.

“When it comes to the work environment, go out and be yourself. Know who you are and if you gather all the facts, knowing that you are right, no one can walk all over you.”

When it comes to pageants such as Miss India NKZN, Karshia says, “Do it because you can better yourself and your confidence. You can learn how to showcase and express yourself. People need to remember that pageants are not defined by race, skin tone, culture, beliefs or even weight. By joining a pageant, you can encourage others to join as well.”

This attractive, motivated woman, who is dominating the world around her truly deserves to hold the title of this month’s, Newcastle Beauty of the Month!

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