South African movie, Uncovered, puts Newcastle on world cinematic map

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Full of twists and turns, Uncovered is a movie which is making headlines in more ways than one.

This a star-studded action film directed by the SAFTA Award-winning director, Zuko Nodada and stars South African actors Nqobile, Robert Hobbs and Sthandiwe Kgoroge.

The story follows Aluta (Nqobile Khumalo), an ambitious and determined young woman who searches for the success which only the corporate world can bring.

Having big dreams of being a CEO of a mining company, her life takes a full 360-degree turn. As she dodges bullets while seeking justice for her and her family, this movie will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

What makes this award-winning movie truly special, especially for Newcastillians, is that it was shot predominantly in Newcastle.
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According to Sandile Makhumela, a director based in Johannesburg, there are approximately 80 Newcastle residents in the movie, taking the smaller roles and acting as extras.

The shooting of the film began in August 2018 and has proved to be such a success, that Uncovered was selected as a semi-finalist during the London International Motion Picture Awards 2019, as well as receiving recognition at the Regina International Film Festival and the awards held in Canada.

“It has been a great time and we will now go to America in September and October,” says the film’s director, Zuko Nodada.

During October, Ndoda and his team will be making their way to California, where Uncovered will participate in yet another international film festival.

With the movie set to be released in South Africa on August 30, South Africans can expect to be captivated by the movie around the country. However, the movie will not be screened at the local Victorian Theatres.

As the movie isn’t being screened in Newcastle, both Ndoda and Mkhumela have voiced their dismay as the movie holds relevance to both Newcastle and South Africa as a whole.

“We received so much support from local businesses, people, the Newcastle Municipality, everyone just came through for us. It is actually painful Uncovered will not be screened in Newcastle,” says Ndoda.

Mkhumela adds the crew had a lot of trainees who were eager, hardworking and dedicated.

“This means more movies can be shot in Newcastle without bringing outside people in. We educated the community about the film and the importance of it. For South Africa, it’s time we tell our stories the way we want to tell them. It’s a mirror image on what is really happening in our country and we need to have these debates on how we can make our country better.”

With the movie set to be screened on 24 Ster-Kinekor screens, as well as Nu Metro screens, be sure to plan a weekend getaway and watch this action-packed local movie, which will truly captivate your attention.


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