Schools set their sights on the win at inter-school soccer league

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On Wednesday, August 14, spectators gathered to watch the Inter-School Soccer League Quarter Finals at Amajuba School.

The soccer league began during the second week of the third term, with schools from Newcastle competing against each other in the pursuit of greatness.

Gareth Sharp, the organiser for the day at Amajuba School, says this is definitely no ordinary soccer league. “This is one of the biggest soccer tournaments at a school level.”

The participating schools included Meridian Newcastle Independent School, Newcastle Senior Primary School, St Dominics Newcastle, Arbor Park School, Arbor Park Primary, Huttenpark Primary School, Amajuba School, Drakensberg Primary School, Busy Bee Primary, Hilldrop Heritage School and Alethia Christian College.

Huttenpark Primary’s U/13 boys’ team takes on Alethia Christian College’s U/13 team.

The U/11 and U/13 divisions consisting of both boy and girl teams.

With the teams battling it out, only a select few proved to victorious and will be making their way to the final leg of the league at Huttenpark Primary School in the upcoming week.

During the final event, the U/11 Girls division semi-final match will see Huttenpark Primary’s team and the Drakensberg Primary team fight it out on the field. The victor will then take on St Dominics, to determine who will take the win in the U/11 Girls division of the league.

In the U/11 Boys division, there will be two semi-final matches. The first will take place between NSPS and Huttenpark Primary, while the second match will see Amajuba School match up against Arbor Park Primary. The winners of the two matches will then compete against each other to determine who will take the title of champion in the U/11 Boys division.

In the U/13 Girls division, NSPS play against St Dominics Newcastle in the semi-final match. The winner of the match will then compete against Amajuba School in the U/13 Girls finals.

During the U/13 Boys division, Huttenpark Primary will go up against Busy Bee in the first semi-final match, while Drakensberg Primary will go up against Meridian in the second semi-final match. The winners of both matches will then compete to decide the winner of the U/13 Boys division.

Well done to all the players who competed in the quarter-finals and good luck to the teams who have made it to the final leg of the tournament.
The U/11 Huttenpark Primary and Newcastle Senior Primary schools teams battle it out.
The U/11 St Dominics Newcastle soccer team maintains control of the ball.
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