FNB Newcastle’s Local Market Manager, Morne Mouton talks shop

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First National Bank is a financial institution which needs no introduction, offering market-defining services to scores of South Africans in both their private and business lives.

As this revolutionary bank keeps on evolving the banking world, we sat down with Morne Mouton who works behind the scenes at a local branch. He is responsible for the smooth running operations within the local geography that the branch services. He’s ultimately tasked with delivering the best possible service to a growing client base.

 “As the Local Market Manager, I look after the main FNB branch in Scott Street, as well as FNB at Newcastle Mall and Theku Plaza, whose branch managers report  to me.”

Morne also needs to ensure the local FNB employees are highly productive because as the face of the bank they ultimately hold relationships with customers and are responsible for delivering the wide array of banking products

Having officially taken the position as of January 1, 2019, how did Morne’s career at FNB begin?

“My mother and father both worked for FNB all their lives. So banking was part of our family and growing up as a child, I always wanted to be like my dad, not thinking that I will actually walk in his shoes.”

After successfully completing his studies, Morne applied for a job at FNB to start his career. “I was fortunate to get my first job as a Teller at FNB Thaba’Nchu, in the Free State. From there, I just kept on growing myself and today, I am the Local Market Manager of FNB Newcastle.” 

Since starting his career with FNB in 2002, Morne has held various roles within the bank. These roles include being a teller, a team leader in Ficksberg,  branch administrator in Villiers and Lindley, as well as a branch manager at Memel, Pietermaritzburg and Underberg. 

Morne Mouton is at the ready to ensure Newcastle’s banking needs are met.
We asked Morne about the positive changes happening at FNB which people should know about?

“With us being nominated as the coolest bank eight years in a row, simply speaks for itself. We are always at the forefront of bringing in new technology to make banking easier with our innovative functionalities of the Banking App and Online Banking,” Morne says.

“The reason for our popularity comes down to our customer-centric approach, innovative banking products  and a rich rewards program.”

What products and services does FNB offer, that Morne feels the community should know about?

“You have a life and you want things that make it better. We get it. That’s why First National Bank is proud to offer products and services that can make life easier.”

Morne explains FNB offers a variety of accounts and services designed to easily manage your money throughout the year. 

“We offer everyday banking solutions such as checking accounts, Debit/ATM card access and Mobile/Online Banking from virtually anywhere with your laptop or smart device. One such example is eWallet eXtra, this is a digitally based bank account that can be opened via mobile phone without having to visit a branch. All that is required is a name, surname, ID number and thereafter the customer is issued with a unique account number.”  

Furthermore, Morne explains people can expand on their banking experience with FNB’s smart device offers. 

“This offering allows new and existing customers to take up a smart product at affordable rates for a 24-month period. You could enjoy better banking and savings on a range of devices, exclusively from FNB. When It’s time to get a sleeker, smarter and more powerful device, customers can choose up to five smart and/or entertainment devices with no additional fees, interest or charges payable. The available devices are updated on a weekly basis.”

Passionate about his career, the community and FNB, Morne concludes that FNB is more than a mere banking establishment.

“FNB is like a family, supportive, interesting and the growth opportunities are endless.”

This forward-thinking bank has an array of great offerings for the community, so be sure to visit their website or one of their branches to see how you can benefit.

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