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Beauty and perfection are often found in the intricate work of a carpenter. A man who takes pride in his craft, creating visual art with his hands, tools and wood.

Through the years, Crane’s Nest has established a name for itself, creating unique décor for both home and office spaces.  But Crane’s Nest is not only creating a name for itself through its team’s superior woodwork.

Taking great pride in their work and business ethics, Tom and Tracy Hatting spend as much time as needed with their clientele to ensure their quality and customer service resonates professionalism.

Tracy and Tom Hatting are crafting a new era of woodwork in Newcastle.

Through their beautiful work, Crane’s Nest is truly creating a new age of carpentry in Newcastle.

“We are currently busy with a townhouse, where we are busy with everything from the built-in cupboards to the staircase and a wardrobe made entirely from rosewood,” says Tracy.

Such is the excellence of their work; Crane’s Nest is also repairing a deck for a home at Vulintaba, as well as doing fittings for Baby Co, a baby shop aimed at meeting all parents needs, which is coming to Newcastle.

“We are also doing kitchens for two beautiful homes in Madadeni and oSizweni,” says Tracy.

With restoration projects also forming a part of their workload, Tracy assures Newcastillians that Crane’s Nest offers residents a complete service. From designing and measuring to after-sales service.

This complete service covers kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, furniture, carpentry and restorations. Ensuring all your requirements are met.

“All the designs are inspired by you and we can compliment designs, from built-in to furniture. Also, if you are building, we offer wooden and laminated flooring, cabinetry and skirtings,” she explains.

With a deep-seated passion for carpentry and high-quality work, be sure to contact Crane’s Nest today for all your home and office needs.

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