Voltex, lighting the way with quality service and products

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For over 50 years, Voltex has been a beacon of light within the Newcastle community. A business which has seen Newcastle evolve through the decades.

When the business first opened, it was known as Century Electrical. Then 22 years ago, its name changed to Voltex. A name which is synonymous with excellence.

As a powerhouse of a business, Voltex has grown tremendously through the years. Constantly updating its products daily to keep up with modern technology.

As Voltex is a proudly Bidvest company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited, Voltex Newcastle forms part of a nationwide company with 55 branches and 19 specialist supply divisions across the country.  

As South Africa’s pre-eminent electrical and lighting distributor, Voltex supplies the widest range of electrical and related products through its 19 specialist supply divisions. Its vast distribution network strategically located within Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

Through this diverse network, Voltex services the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, electrical, communication and domestic sectors with a variety of products and services.

These include inter alia, energy-efficient products and solutions, cable and wire, power generation and optimisation, transmission and distribution, motor control solutions, commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications and a host of other highly specialised products and services.

The Voltex team is at the ready to assist you.
Priding itself on quality solutions and products, what makes Voltex stand out?

Branch manager, Jacob Erasmus explains Voltex has several strengths which can prove to be beneficial to the Newcastle community.

“We supply cable and specialised items, which includes solar solutions and a variety of lighting products. No one can beat us in this department. But our services don’t end there. We offer solutions in the sense that if there is construction work, we can assist in determining how much lighting will be needed and what will be the best options for the project.”

The broad categories of electrical products that Voltex stocks are:

Cable and wire, distribution boards, circuit breakers, conduit and ducting, LED-Commercial, industrial and residential light sources. As well as street and area lights, plus poles, solar lights, sensors, daylite switches and timers.

Then there are the switches and sockets, generators and transformers, tools, testers, switchgear, infrared and ultraviolet lamps, solar heating, geysers, solar panels and security products.

Voltex also offers design advice in relation to energy efficiency, lighting, retro-fitting, specialised product design, lighting energy audit standards, as well as the unique offering of providing comprehensive energy audits.

Furthermore, dealing with hundreds of reputable businesses from Newcastle to Piet Retief, Estcourt, Ermelo, Vrede to Memel, Voltex is a formidable force when it comes to proving high-quality products and service.

However, despite working with renowned companies and establishments, Voltex also caters to the public.

“The public often thinks we supply solely on an industrial level. But we cater to the public as well. We have a lot of products available for domestic use.”

These products range from light switches, sockets, LED solutions, LED Flood Lights, pre-paid metres, aircons, straight to heaters.

Voltex also caters for the community’s security needs. This includes motion-detecting lights, security lights and much more.

“If electricity can pass through it, we sell it,” Jacob smiles.

He further elaborates that Voltex can supply its products at the best prices available to the public.

“What we do at Voltex, is we get our products from more than 200 suppliers for the convenience of our customers. This is so they do not have to go out searching for what they need.”

Furthermore, Voltex supplies only quality-certified products and is a founding member of the SAFEhouse Association.

The SAFEhouse Association is an industry watchdog established to protect consumers, expose unsafe products, co-operate with entities which have likeminded goals and promote environmental protection.

With a deep-seated passion for its brand, its clientele and the community, Voltex has a vision which it strives to achieve on a daily basis.

“We want the public to know, that we cater to them and would love to form a lasting relationship with each individual. We cater for people’s specific needs and requirements, always offering quality products, services and solutions,” says Jacob.

Never deviating from their high standard of quality, be sure to visit Voltex at 2 Kirkland Street for your electrical needs today.

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