Walking the distance for the SPCA at St Dominics Newcastle

The SPCA is more than a mere organisation for animals. In the fight against abuse, the SPCA is the voice of the community’s animals.

As the SPCA actively ensures animals rights are not infringed upon, the organisation cannot actively fight abuse without the assistance of the community. Relying heavily on the community, the SPCA found itself at the centre of attention on Saturday, July 27.

Wagging tails and smiling people were the order of the day, with the SPCA Dog Walk. Hosted by St Dominics Newcastle and organised by a faculty member, Samantha Botha, the SPCA Dog Walk proved to be an initiative filled with love and support.

Dog owners were able to enjoy a walk with their four-legged children and enjoy an array of stalls available on the day.

With the entrance fee being dog or cat food, which would then go to the Newcastle SPCA, the community truly rose to the challenge, donating enough animal food to fill the SPCA’s bakkie.

Both Heather Gero of the SPCA and Samantha Botha of St Dominics Newcastle extended a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the initiative.

While the SPCA benefitted from the initiative, the participants of the walk were delighted in socialising with other animal lovers. The dogs found themselves in their seventh heaven, enjoying a morning with their owners and newfound canine friends.

Well done to everyone who contributed to the worthy cause.

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