Newcastle Raceway Club revs it up at Loskop and enjoys monthly meet

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On June 29, a total of 15 racers from Newcastle Raceway made their way to Loskop for the regional championships. Each racer determined to make Newcastle and their club proud.

Racers from Newcastle Raceway Club who participated in Loskop.
Pieter Bester and Wikie Bezuidenhout are two of the 15 racers who attended the event and proceeded to drive away with a trophy.

Pieter Bester clinched the second overall prize in the 2-litre division at Loskop. “This marks the third time I have taken part in the regionals at Loskop. It was an awesome experience, especially the teamwork among the Newcastle guys,” he says.

Racing now for eight years, Pieter says his outlook at events such as Loskop has changed dramatically.

“If you had asked me two years ago what I was after, I would have said winning. Now, I enjoy the competitiveness and the team spirit at the event.”

Pieter Bester and Wikie Bezuidenhout.

Wikie secured the third spot in the 1660 division, an achievement he is proud of. “This is the first regional event I have taken part in and while it was a rough experience, it was amazing and a great learning curb for me.”

Enjoying the adrenaline, the camaraderie and team spirit at events such as the Loskop Regional Championships, Wikie says he has gained a lot of knowledge over the past years on the racing track.

Following the Loskop Regional Championships, Newcastle Raceway Club hosted its monthly event on Saturday, July 6.

Despite the cool evening, the racers were geared up for a night of high-octane racing and socialising.

In the Mini Flexi division, Charlie Rothman secured first place, with Christiaan Rothman coming in the second position. The win in the Rookie division goes to Stephan van der Merwe.

Jean de Necker takes the win in the 1600 division, followed by Theoniel Bornman and Melanie van Rooyen in second and third place respectively.

In the 1660 division, Charlie Rothman clinches first place, with Henry Hall in second position and Wikie Bezuidenhout in the third spot.

Pieter Bester clinched the win in the 2.1-litre division, followed by Willie Erasmus and Cedric Stowe in second and third place respectively.

The win in the Hot Rod division goes to Hendrik van der Merwe, with Pieter Bester Jnr taking second place and Mikey Maloney clinching the third position.

Henk van Rooyen takes the win in the Tin Tops division, while Marcus Beeslaar and Charles Klopper take second and third position respectively.

In the V8 division, Flip Gericke sped into first place, followed closely by Charlie Rothman in second place.

Well done to all the racers who participated in the Oval Track on Saturday. Furthermore, a special congratulations goes out to the Newcastle Oval Track racers who competed at Loskop.

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