Leaving a legacy, one child at a time

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What does it mean to leave a legacy? Does it involve creating a lasting name for your children and family? Or does it mean something deeper, something which will forever change the lives of the people in your community?

In the next five weeks, the annual Blood Buddy Memel to Newcastle walk will be taking place. While some might join this community initiative for the social aspect, there are those who will be lacing up their takkies for a cause.

The Leaving a Legacy team will be participating in the 51km walk in order to raise funds and awareness for Morester Children’s Home.

Leaving a Legacy representative, Susan Pitout explains that with just over a month left until the walk, the team is in full swing in trying to raise funds.

“This is the fifth year that we are doing Leaving a Legacy and the team consists of people in the business world. People who are putting time and effort into the community.”

Emphasising that time is of the essence, Susan explains the efforts the team puts into the initiative is one of immense dedication. “You can never get time back, but we believe in doing something for the community.”

Since the inception of Leaving a Legacy, the team has raised a substantial amount of money for the SPCA, Esperanza Special Needs School and La Gratitude. Now the team has set its sights on assisting Morester Children’s Home.

The theme for this year’s Leaving a Legacy Campaign is #wherefriendsbecomefamily.

“It is about the community becoming involved, becoming friends and in turn becoming family. It is about the community becoming involved and assisting Morester Children’s Home.”

In order to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the children’s home, Leaving a Legacy is inviting Newcastillians to each pledge R100 to their cause.

“We also have a matric farewell project for two of the children at Morester Children’s home,” she says.

This project will see the Leaving a Legacy team kitting up two children for a memorable night at their matric farewell.

“We also want to start a birthday project for the children of Morester Children’s Home.”

The birthday project will see a birthday cake and a gift card being given to children on their respective birthdays.

With the Leaving a Legacy campaign in full swing, what does it mean to its members?

“I feel that while I am still able to walk, I want to be able to make a difference. I don’t want to walk to finish. I want to walk with purpose. It is a privilege to be able to walk and God has given us so much in our daily lives, we need to be able to use what we are given to make a difference,” says Susan.

Rubeena Jadwat says visiting the children’s home is a special experience, as the children truly appreciate the attention people give them. “They have nobody, and this is a way to give them hope and show that people care about them.”

Belinda Ellor of Morester Children’s Home says the efforts of the Leaving a Legacy team are truly admirable. “The community doesn’t always understand the need the home has and it’s a huge need. We can’t do this without the support of the community.”

Furthermore, she says people should never think they cannot land up in the same position in what the children in the home’s care have found themselves. “It only takes a split second for your life to change forever.”

Rubeena Jadwat and Susan Pitout of Leaving a Legacy with Belinda Ellor of Morester Children’s Home.

With the Leaving a Legacy team striving to make a positive impact in the lives of Newcastle’s children, people can support them by visiting their Facebook page or contact Susan Pitout on 084 492 9588 for more information on how to pledge towards the cause.

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