Boanerges MCC bikers coming to the aid of animals this weekend

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Dressed in their biker gear, a group of bikers will be descending on Ladysmith, before heading to Newcastle and Volksrust on Saturday, July 6. Their mission is a simple one. To make a positive difference in the lives of animals.

“We do a lot for people, but we don’t actually do much for animals,” says JJ Janeke of Boanerges MCC.

With Boanerges MCC consisting of different chapters in various towns, each chapter riding to make a positive contribution to their communities, JJ explains his girlfriend, Irene Smit, suggested they focus on animals.

“We asked around and a lot of the chapters are thinking of doing the same thing. In fact, the Witbank and Pretoria chapters will be going to their respective SPCAs on July 6 as well,” explains JJ.

On Saturday, the local chapter of Boanerges MCC will start its run in Ladysmith.

“At the Ladysmith SPCA, we will donate blankets and dog food. From there we will come to the Newcastle SPCA, where we will make a monetary donation and the SPCA staff will give us a talk on the importance of sterilising pets. After leaving Newcastle, we will head to Miracle Haven in Volksrust and donate more blankets and food.”

JJ says a special thanks must go out towards Newcastle Mills, who donated five bags of dog food to the Boanerges drive.

“The monies raised for Newcastle SPCA was raised through the club members selling wors rolls and we would also like to thank the community for supporting us.”

Furthermore, ensuring the charity run is a successful one, JJ says bikers are encouraged to bring blankets and food for animals on the day.

Set to ride the distance for the less fortunate animals of the community, Boarneges MCC is really revving up to ensure animals in need don’t endure a cold winter.

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