8 Local beauties speak about upcoming Miss India South Africa NKZN pageant

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Aishwarya Rai, a woman iconic for her movies and beauty, once said, “Elegance is innate… individual… eternal… it stands the test of time.”

Come July 20, Newcastillians will experience a touch of elegance with the 21st Miss India South Africa NKZN pageant.

Set to take place at the Richview Civic Centre, this is an event which will showcase the beauty and class of young women within the NKZN area.

With Newcastle playing host to the event for the first time in the Miss India South Africa NKZN’s history, the event is sure to expose Eastern beauty at its best.

With a total of 17 participants entering the pageant, the Newcastillian speaks to six of the eight Newcastle girls involved in the pageant.

Jaydine Moodley

“I entered this pageant to boost my self-esteem. As well as to encourage others to realise with hard work and determination, you can accomplish and achieve your goals.

What does Jaydine hope to achieve in the pageant?

“I would love to win the title, so I can use it to make an impact on people’s lives. But, overall, the achievement I truly want is to be confident and make my loved ones proud.”

Why does Jaydine feel pageants such as this are important?

“In my personal experience, I would say it is important because it not only makes you feel like a stronger person but through your experience, you learn that all those flaws you see, make you who you are. A special and unique individual.”

Seijal Singh

“I entered the pageant to gain experience and I love the idea of making friends. Furthermore, I want to use my time in the pageant to encourage others to enter it in the future. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence,” says Seijal.

What is Seijal’s aim at the upcoming pageant?

“I would say it is to make friends and as I am a bit of a tomboy, this is an entirely new experience for me to enjoy and learn from.”

Why does Seijal feel pageants such as Miss India South Africa NKZN are important?

“I think pageants such as these are important, as it promotes self-confidence. It also promotes women empowerment and teaches women to work together.”

Kayla Govender

“For me, Miss India South Africa NKZN is a platform for future opportunities. It also creates bonds with others, while allowing girls to get out of their shells. I believe women are going to make a difference in the world, which is why it is important for women to have confidence and to get out of their shells.”

What is Kayla’s aim at the pageant?

“It is to promote the Zee brand in NKZN, while encouraging other girls to become more confident. I also want to use this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Why does Kayla feel pageants such as this are important?

“I am a shy person, so this is a big step for me. Which is why I feel pageants such as this are important. It improves your confidence and self-esteem.”

Tiara Vermaak

“I entered as a way to encourage other women to have a positive mindset. I also entered to gain experience in pageants and boost my self-esteem.”

What are Tiara’s aims during the pageant?

“I hope to make my parents proud, to take the title of Miss India South Africa and give back to the community.”

Why does Tiara feel pageants such this are important?

“Pageants such as Miss India South Africa NKZN are important because it teaches women to believe in themselves. It also shows us to never doubt ourselves and we are capable of anything if we put our minds to it.”

Cliona Naidoo

“I entered because I wanted to be able to help others and this is the ideal platform to do so. Also, I hope I am able to inspire others during this time.”

Why does Cliona feel pageants such this are important?

“It gives girls the platform to showcase their talents. It also teaches us that can do anything we set our minds to.”

Akira Bipatram

Akira is a title holder in the Miss India South Africa NKZN pageant, having taken the crown of the second princess in the 2018 pageant. She was also a finalist for the Miss India South Africa.

“I initially entered to better my self-confidence and form new bonds and work with various organisations.”

Why does Akira feel pageants such as this are important?

“They are important, as it gives us a platform for greater opportunities. Furthermore, if we are crowned and make it to the top 3, we are able to make an even greater impact on our communities.”

Vimmi Ramdaas of the Miss India South Africa NKZN pageant says this is the first time the event will be held in Newcastle, as it is usually held in Ladysmith.

With Newcastle acting as the host this year, what can Newcastillians expect at the pageant?

“There are 17 entrants and they will be participating in four segments,” explains Ramdaas.

These segments are:

Eastern wear

Western wear

A three-minute talent show

Question and answer

With 17 beauties from all over NKZN, Ramdaas says the pageant gives the participants the ideal platform to develop and grow. “Zee TV will be there to cover the event and there will be an array of dignitaries at the event.”

The participants will also have an opportunity to go to the Zee TV Miss South Africa Regionals and stand a chance to target the coveted Zee TV Miss South Africa title.

Tickets are available for the show and Newcastillians are encouraged to support the event and support the eight Newcastle beauties.

For tickets to the show, Vimmi Ramdaas can be contacted on 061 824 2864

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