Belinda Ellor, the voice of Morester Children’s Home

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people often tend to lose focus on the plight of those in need.

Yet, there are those who dedicate their entire lives to the less fortunate members of their respective communities.

One such individual is Belinda Ellor of Morester Children’s Home, who works as the home’s public relations officer.

“I joined Morester Children’s Home’s management team in April 2018. I then started working on getting sponsors for the home and in the process, the children and I got attached to each other.”

Now immersed in the running of Morester Children’s Home, Belinda is entirely dedicated to the children’s needs. “I don’t see myself never being a part of the children’s lives. Even if they leave or if I were to leave, we will always be a part of each other’s lives.”

How has Belinda grown as a person since joining the Morester Children’s Home family?

“Morester Children’s Home has changed me in a lot of ways. I’ve always been a soft-hearted person, but these children have really touched my heart. I have learned that we cannot take anything for granted in life.”

Belinda elaborates that small things like having your own garden or a puppy, give children from the home immense joy.

“They will lay on the grass for hours and enjoy the garden, relishing in the moment. Where children normally take their pets for granted, these children thoroughly enjoy spending time with a dog or a cat.”

While the children at Morester Children’s Home have taught her to value the small things in life, Belinda says she has also learned the importance of what a big role just a small bit of attention and affection can play in a child’s life.

“All these children want is affection and love. Just showing them love and affection has made my life more worthwhile,” she emphasises.

Describing the staff at the home as a family, Belinda says they work as a unit to make the children feel at home. At times, giving each other emotional support, simply to ensure the children always feel loved and wanted.

Belinda Ellor, you are a pillar of strength within the Newcastle community. Well done on all the effort you put into the lives of the children of Morester Children’s Home.

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