Are men becoming less manly? The Newcastillian finds out…

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Are men becoming less manly? Are we as men losing the art of masculinity? Compared to men such as our fathers and grandfathers, it would seem so.

One just needs to walk through town to notice the stark difference between millennial men and those from previous generations. Gone are the days where men looked rough and rugged. Gone are the days where men exuded an air of gentlemanly behaviour.

In fact, it seems the very traits we once admired in men have become a foul sight in modern day society. There is even research which says strong, independent, stoical, competitive and tough men have a mental issue. Wait, what? That’s just wrong, isn’t it?

If it was not for these behavioural characteristics, where would society be today? Am I right?

Yet, according to research published by the American Psychological Association, these masculine traits are linked to mental health issues, such as depression and substance abuse.

The leader of the research team at Indiana University Bloomington, Joel Wong says individuals who conform to masculine norms, tend to have poorer mental health. As well as less favourable attitudes to psychological health.

The research collated results of more than 70 US-based studies involving more than 19,000 men over 11 years. The research focused on the link between mental health, conformity and 11 masculine norms. These norms included a desire to win, need for emotional control and risk-taking.

Are men now being punished for taking risks? Are they being considered mentally ill because we want to win and be the best we can be?

Imagine if your grandfather did not want to win while fighting in World War II against Nazi Germany. Imagine if the Wright brothers were not competitive when designing the aeroplane.

With men changing according to society’s needs, the Newcastillian asked members of the community if they thought men were becoming less manly. This what they had to say.

Keegan Sharp

“That is a difficult question, but I think it is both yes and no. Men are simply adjusting to the times and understanding there are a different set of norms. We are also becoming more understanding of women and knowing we are allowed to have a bit more femininity in our lives.”

Corlia Hugo and Anzell Jordaan

“Men are becoming less manly. Their hairstyles, clothing and behaviour are becoming more feminine,” says Corlia.

Anzell says a lot can be contributed to parenting, upbringing and their social lives. “They are more on their phones than going outside.”

Lunga Bujela

“Yes, men are becoming less manly with the whole metrosexual thing going on. I feel men don’t want to acknowledge their role in society. Men need to realise and understand there is a difference between equity and equality.”

Rolien Oosthuizen

“It is sexist to say that men are becoming less manly, but it is the small things that made men manly which are disappearing. Chivalry has gone out of the window and when was the last time you saw a man stand aside for a woman to go past first. Manliness isn’t about the mechanic versus the pen pusher. Manliness is about the one who treats a woman like a lady. It is about a man who can take charge when the need arises and who treats others with respect.”

As young men try to follow the latest trends on so-called masculinity, what are your thoughts and views? Do you feel men and boys are coming less manly and why do you feel that way? Share your views and thoughts with us in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Are men becoming less manly? The Newcastillian finds out…

  • 6th Jul 2019 at 2:20 am

    This question comes up a lot in my family and social circle at university. ‘What does it mean to be a man?’ someone would ask, and to no suprise, there is no shortage of answers. I find it so ironic how traditional masculinity will have the adage of wanting to be in control, and taking charge, yet people who feel like masculinity is ‘dying out’ seem to be telling men how they should define a certain part of themselves. We cannot even begin to talk about this question when we have not addressed toxic masculinity – which has proven to lead to men being more aggressive, stressed, suicidal, and emotionally detached from the world.

    I think that a question like the one posted in this article would not hold up well over time. Imagine the year is 1950, and you read an article titled ‘Women want to leave the kitchen and their kids to pursue an education? What has the world come to?’ Imagine reading that in 2019, or even in the late 1990’s – you’d be shocked wouldn’t you? How crazy it is for people to want males and females to live based on nothing more than what’s written on their birth certificates. It’s ludicrous. ‘Men’ are now learning that it’s okay to cry, to feel, to be lonely, and to not be in control all the time. That’s a big step in the evolution of men and masculinity. In our society today we are striving to acknoledge gender roles, and demolish the toxic ones. I find it so strange in the article how only five people were asked the question, without taking into account their upbringing or cultural views which of course had an influence on their answers. One of the woman in the article says “Men are becoming less manly. Their hairstyles, clothing and behaviour are becoming more feminine”. Had a man said a similar thing about women and how ‘Women who wear pants and have short haircuts are less more masculine’ insinuating that there is something weak or wrong with feminity, which is just not the case. The comment would also be met with general uproar about how men should not be defining for women who they are, which is what the women in this article say.

    If you were to gain a level headed response, at least 100 people from the community should have answered the survey with various control factors in place. I feel like asking five individuals skews the pereception of what people might think are the views by the general population.

    Those are just my thoughts and opinions on the matter, which I think should be a more common conversation between all genders.

    Always love keeping up with this news site.


    [The name I have submitted is a pseudonym as I would like to remain anonymous].

  • 20th Aug 2019 at 8:32 am

    Nowadays we date men who don’t want it. They tell us straight that they are tired. We end up purchasing rabbits for thirsty days, unfortunately.

  • 21st Aug 2019 at 12:51 am

    Are men becoming less manly? My answer is no. The true definition of a man has always been one who defines his own path. Anyman who determines his own path is a man. The simple fact that men are embracing many other things that seem feminine simply means they have just recently acquired the strength to insist on more of their actual needs and wants without being confined. So by my logic, they are now actually more manly than ever.


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