Breaking news: Motorist knocks over a pedestrian in Scott Street

The atmosphere is charged with emotion. A man demanding emergency personnel to point out the motorist who had knocked over his brother.

Passers-by stopping and watching as paramedics attend to a seriously injured pedestrian. A traffic officer diverting traffic and urging people to stand back.

This comes after a pedestrian was knocked over on Scott Street, shortly before 2 pm on Monday, July 1.

According to an eyewitness, the man was walking on the side of the road when the incident occurred. “I was driving towards town from Boundary Road when I saw the man walking,” says the witness, who further claims the pedestrian was walking as though intoxicated.

“With the wind and the dust, you could barely see anything when the man decided to cross the road, which is when the other car hit him. I stopped immediately, as did the motorist who hit the pedestrian.”

Emergency personnel were contacted. According to an official on the scene, the pedestrian sustained substantial head injuries. Paramedics assisted him on the scene, before taking him to hospital.

Further investigations into the matter are underway.

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