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When it comes to professionalism and quality workmanship, Akram and Peer Chartered Accountants SA is a formidable leader in their respective industry.

Powered by an experienced and highly qualified team, this firm has evolved and developed the business sector through tried and tested practices, yielding fruitful results for their clients.

Akram and Peer Chartered Accountants SA are more than mere journal jugglers or spreadsheet slaves.

They are a group of forward-thinking chartered accountants, focused on the future, with a unique way of looking at age-old problems.

As innovative specialists, dedicated to their clients, always striving to give a personal touch, Akram and Peer is a firm of professionals who are looking at developing lasting relationships with their clients, while delivering premium service.

“No one wants to be treated like a number, so we ensure a tailor-made service that is specifically created for you and your requirements,” states the team.

As a name which Newcastillians are all too familiar with, where did Akram and Peer Chartered Accountants SA begin?

The company was established in October 2010, when the partners, Haroun Peer CA (SA) and Nazir Ahmed Akram CA (SA) founded the firm. A modern and unique firm with its head office based here in Newcastle, and branches in Johannesburg and Polokwane.

Making the dream team at Akram and Peer is Haroun Peer, Nazir Ahmed Akram and Raeesa Gutta, All of whom have years’ of quality experience and their own specialities.

Nazir Ahmed Akram is a disciplined, methodical and solutions driven accountant with over 25 years’ experience. Specialising in tax, estates, human resources and also an advisor on commercial legal agreements, he is known to go the extra mile and enjoys a challenge.

Haroun Peer has an exceptional ability to think outside the book and loves being involved in client’s businesses in a strategic advisory and consulting role. Coming from an auditing background, Haroun’s prime focus is tax advisory, estate planning and succession planning. He also specialises in advising clients on mergers, acquisitions and business valuations.

Raeesa Gutta is a determined and innovative individual who comes with a big 4-audit experience, having previously worked at KPMG. She specialises in audit and assurance, assessment in control environments in the current economy, business continuity, and manages business and consultant partnerships.

While these three partners bring a unique set of skills which makes them stand out from other chartered accounting firms, their key associates bring a further set of unique skills and attributes.

Mohamed Vawda CA (SA) joined the team in 2015 and currently occupies the role of office manager, overseeing all the divisions. He also handles the administration of deceased estates.

Waseem Ahmed Suliman CA (SA) joined the team this year and currently manages the Polokwane branch across all its services.

In order to uplift and empower upcoming businesses and people, the firm offers the following services:
  • Tender training, review and advisory. Here the firm aspires to empower small and medium enterprises which provide customers with value, suppliers with a route to market, society with responsible behaviour, government with additional tax collections and shareholders with positive returns on investments.
  • Enterprise and supplier development.
  • Accounting
  • Audit assurance
  • Business advisory, where strategies are put into place to help businesses develop and grow.
  • Business risk assessment and internal audit.
  • Estate planning and tax structuring.
  • Taxation services
  • Property management.

With an array of available services and a dedicated team on hand, be sure to contact Akram and Peer Chartered Accountants for your financial requirements. With customised services and insight into your business, they can truly help you reach your full potential.

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