oSizweni SAPS recover 28 parcels of heroin

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Newcastle and surroundings are under constant threat due to the ever-increasing demand for drugs. With Dealers showing very little concern for the negative impact they are injecting into our community.

However, oSizweni SAPS is making leaping strides in the war against drugs. This follows two major drug busts in the oSizweni area.

The first drug bust took place during an intelligence-driven operation in Section A, oSizweni. The oSizweni Policing Area and oSizweni Crime Prevention unit joined forces to follow up on a tip-off regarding drug usage stemming from a house within the area. At the house, the officers found 28 parcels of heroin.

Following this bust, the officers proceeded to another house in Section A, oSizweni. At the house, the officers recovered one Luger Revolver with six rounds of ammunition.

Following up on further information, the police officers proceeded to a house in Section B, oSizweni. At the home, the police recovered one mandrax tablet and cocaine, both narcotics wrapped in transparent plastic bags.

The drugs have an estimated value of approximately R3 000, while the gun has an estimated value of R8 000.

The three suspects have since appeared at Madadeni Magistrate Court, respectively charged for possession of drugs and possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition.

With heroin and cocaine circulating within the Newcastle area, what are the signs and symptoms that your child, spouse or friends are using?

Signs of heroin use include:
  • Constricted (small) pupils
  • Cycles of hyper-alertness, followed by suddenly nodding off
  • Decreasing attention to hygiene and personal appearance
  • Increase in slurred, garbled and incoherent speech
  • Weight loss
  • A runny nose which cannot be explained by an illness or medical condition
  • Cuts, bruises and scabs from skin picking
  • Needle marks
  • Burned silver spoons and straws around the house
Signs of cocaine use include:
  • Dilated pupils
  • Long periods of wakefulness
  • Overconfidence and over excitement
  • Paranoia
  • Runny nose
  • Mood swings
  • Financial difficulty

The community is encouraged to contact the SAPS if they are aware of drug dealers in their area. For families who seek to help their loved ones overcome drug abuse, SANCA can be contacted on 034 312 3641.

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