Newcastle beauty, Mbali Dlamini makes top 35 in Miss South Africa 2019

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As the very image of beauty, there is no stopping Mbali Dlamini as she pursues her dreams at Miss South Africa.

“It has always been my dream, from a young age, to enter Miss South Africa. After completing my degree, I felt it was a perfect time to enter, as I get to achieve all I want to. Which is to apply what I have studied while impacting lives and adding value.”

This week, Mbali was named one of the top 35 semi-finalists for Miss South Africa 2019. An achievement which sees her edging closer to achieving her dream.

“It feels like a dream come true. I’m still in awe. I’ve been praying for this for the longest time. It’s happening and God is answering my prayers. So, to God be the glory.”

As Mbali embraces the pageant, what has the journey been like thus far?

“It’s incredible, very challenging and demanding. Because it’s a dream come true, I am willing to overcome each and every one of them, I will put in the work. The platform is incredible, the opportunities that I am already receiving just from being in the top 35 are amazing.”

As she tackles the tasks and challenges expected from her, Mbali now awaits the next stage of the iconic pageant.

“The top 16 will be announced on the 11th of July. I will know my fate then. Metamorphosis! I am becoming.”

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As she focuses solely on the pageant, giving it her all, what are her hopes for Miss South Africa 2019?

“Newcastle is a small town and I’m not exposed to such big opportunities. Young girls from my town think that such opportunities are fairy tales and are dreams that would never come true. I would like to be used as a vessel, to show and prove to girls from all smaller towns that if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams; anything can happen. Actions speak louder than words. I want to act by uplifting thoughts and sentiments of humankind.”

Furthermore, she says the pageant will leave a positive influence in her life.

“I believe the opportunities I will get from Miss SA will change my life for the better. I will fulfil my responsibility to perfection. I want to strive to be a mirror to all the aspirants and those around me.”

As she strives to be the best she can, Mbali says her plans for the future involve growth and reaching her full potential.

“I am the embodiment of a new meaning of life. My purpose here is to find the true calling of life and fulfil it. Miss South Africa is one of my steps in reaching my goal for this destiny, which I will decide,” she says.

Why are pageants such as Miss South Africa so important for Mbali?

“Beauty pageants give an individual an opportunity to discover their strengths and perfect them. Whilst realising their weaknesses to transform them into strengths. I have acknowledged my beauty, knowledge and skills in front of the country. This is an opportunity to seek the better in me,” she concludes.

With the finals taking place on August 9, at the Sun Arena in Pretoria, the Newcastillian wishes Mbali Dlamini all the best as she sets her sights on the coveted title of Miss South Africa 2019.

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