Winter Festival Committee gives back to the community

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As a community-driven initiative, the Winter Festival is a highlight on Newcastle’s social calendar. Three days of entertainment, food, shopping and family fun.

Yet, there is more to the Winter Festival than the social aspect. It is a project which strives to make a positive impact on the Newcastle community. An initiative which sees a substantial amount of its profits going to charitable causes within the town.

On Friday morning, June 21, the Winter Festival committee hosted its annual beneficiary function at Panarottis.

Henry van der Linde, president of Newcastle Sakekamer, opened the morning’s proceedings. “I’m proud to be standing here this morning. With the Winter Festival being the Sakekamer’s biggest project, I was shocked to see just how much goes into organising the event and the committee truly deserves a round of applause for all they have done.”

Looking at the success of the Winter Festival, Henry says despite the fact that it has been a tough year in terms of the current economy, the Winter Festival is still able to donate a substantial amount of money to local charities.

“Which is why we are all here this morning,” he smiles.

Before donating the monies to the charitable causes, Henry explains the Newcastle community can expect big changes to the Winter Festival 2020. While the changes are set to ensure Newcastillians can expect a dazzling Winter Festival 2020, two of these changes will lay within the Winter Festival’s committee.

As of next year, Elmar Gouws and Laurence Short will be the vice-chairpeople, while the title of the Winter Festival Chairperson going to Armand Botha.

Armand is enthusiastic about the upcoming Winter Festival 2020. “We know what the goal is, which is to help the less-fortunate members of the community through the local organisations which work with them. You all have a big task and the funds which we donate are a token of thanks for all your work.”

Explaining that the Winter Festival is a community project which is solely driven by the community, Armand thanks the Newcastle Sakekamer for entrusting him, Elmar Gouws and Laurence Short with the responsibility of the upcoming event.

Members of local charity organisations.
The local organisations which benefitted from the Winter Festival 2019 are:
  • Bumbisiwe Special School
  • CMD
  • Hospicare
  • Home Meah
  • Morester Children’s Home
  • La Gratitude
  • Newcastle Crisis Centre
  • Newcastle Child Welfare
  • Nil Desperandum
  • Newcastle Organisation For The Aged (NOFTA)
  • Pregnancy Crisis Centre
  • Solidariteit Helpende Hand
  • SPCA
Local feeding projects also benefited through the generosity of the Winter Festival.

The Winter Festival committee also donated funds to local feeding scheme projects, which includes those held at Ferrum High School, Amajuba School, Tugela, Hutten Park Primary School, Busy Bee Primary, Newcastle Senior Primary, S.E. Vawda Primary and Suryaville Primary.

Elmar Gouws explains the success of the Winter Festival is due to the support of the community and the sponsors.

“We cannot have a Winter Festival of this nature without the assistance of the sponsors.”

Sponsors were invited to the beneficiary breakfast, which Elmar says is because it is important as this gives sponsors an idea of where the monies are going.

With a sense of gratitude and thanks, the beneficiaries welcomed the donations as it now enables them to reach out to those in need.

Well done to the Winter Festival Committee and Newcastle Sakekamer for pulling off another stellar event and giving back to the community.

Winter Festival committee member Aletta Botha with Morris Gajoo of SANCA and Newcastle Child Welfare.
Alletta Botha with Belinda Ellor of Morester Children’s Home.
Alletta Botha of the Winter Festival with Jomari Batista of La Gratitude.
Louw Conradie of Nashua Maluti receives a token of appreciation from Armand Botha for being one of the WInter Festival’s sponsors.
Barend de Bruin of Capitec Bank receives a token of appreciation for being a sponsor from Armand Botha.
NT Oosthuisen of Heritage House receives a token of thanks as a sponsor from Armand Botha.
Quinton Boucher of the Newcastillian receives a token of appreciation from Armand Botha.
Aletta Botha of the Winter Festival hands over a donation to Charmaine Myburgh of Ferrum High School for the school’s feeding project.
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