St Dominics hosts Northern Region Girls Hockey Tournament

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Electric energy surges through St Dominic Newcastle. The time has finally come for the National Northern Region Under 18 Girls Hockey Tournament 2019.

A total of four provinces participating in the tournament, with eight teams looking at dominating the astroturf in their quest for victory.

The match between Southern Gauteng C and North West proved to be an exhilarating game.

As the first time ever hosting the event, St Dominics Newcastle pulled out all the stops to welcome the participating teams, ensuring the tournament ran smoothly.

Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, KZN Inland Country District, KZN Inland B, KZN Coastal Regions, KZN Inland C and D, as well as Southern Gauteng C and D all put on a stellar performance, leaving spectators cheering for their favourite teams.

Players from North West and Southern Gauteng C attempt to gain control over the ball.

Despite the efforts by all the teams, the final whistle brought the tournament to an end on Thursday afternoon. The winners being announced. Suspense filled the air, with players waiting to see how their respective teams faired.

Mpumalanga took the win in the tournament, with KZN Inland B coming in second position. Southern Gauteng C clinched third spot.
The Mpumalanga team clinches the win for the tournament.
The KZN Inland B team secures second place.

Alison Marillier and the committee of the tournament at St Dominics Newcastle extends a heartfelt thanks to all the players and sponsors for making the tournament possible.

Ansie Joubert, Odette Leach, Alison Marillier and Blessing Khumalo of St Dominics with Sria Gokul from St Dominics Newcastle who participated in the tournament.
Two players from KZN Coastal and Southern Gauteng D battle it out for the win.
Players from Southern Gauteng C and KZN Coastals reach for the ball.
The tournament’s umpires ensured matches ran smoothly.
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