Is a serial killer targeting homeless people?

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The misfortune souls who can be found, hovering around street corners and traffic lights. People who have been reduced to nothing and worst of all are seen as a pest.

Their shabby clothing, cardboard signs and heartfelt pitch for change is an annoyance for many a shopper or motorist wanting to go about their daily routine. But is a serial killer preying on vagabonds? Killing without mercy?

This comes after a high-level task team was deployed on June 19 to investigate a series of murders in Muckleneuk, Tshwane, where homeless people were the victims. This comes after the discovery of a fifth body at a bus stop near Unisa’s main campus in Muckleneuk.

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The horrific series of murders began three weeks ago, with the discovery of the first body in a veld situated near Mears Park Train Station. A mere two weeks later (June 8 and June 9), two more bodies were found in Magnolia Park.

Both Magnolia Park and Mears Park train station are in close proximity of each other.

On June 18, the fourth body was found on the corner of Justice Mohammed and Troye Streets.

According to Brigadier Mathapelo Peters, Gauteng police spokesperson, all the victims are middle-aged homeless men who were killed at night.

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Following the discovery of the latest body, Gauteng police commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela instructed the high-level task team to investigate the crimes.

The task team comprises of forensics specialists, pathologists and criminal psychologists, Crime Intelligence officers and detectives.

While not wanting to cause widespread panic, Mawela is encouraging the public to remain vigilant and cautious. Especially during the night.

With a prowler targeting the destitute members of society, what are your thoughts on the situation? What kind of penalty do you feel the killer should face and how should the government aid the homeless society living among us?

Share your views and opinions in the comment section below.

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