Bidvest Waltons to give 250 diaries to local schools. Contact them now

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For the past 26 years, Bidvest Waltons has been an integral part of the Newcastle community. It’s offerings playing a vital role in school learners lives and businesses alike.

After all, who doesn’t remember walking through the rows of stationary at Waltons with their parents, getting ready to go back to school?

As a company dedicated to the community, Bidvest Waltons is committed to giving back to local schools. Currently, Bidvest Waltons will be handing out a staggering 250 diaries to local schools at no cost.

“We have been here for 26 years and we are a large part of the community. As everyone knows us, we want to show that we truly care about the community,” says Marius Bothma, branch manager of Bidvest Waltons.

With the community’s best interests at heart, Bothma says schools who want diaries can contact Waltons on 034 312 5821. “Interested schools can then ask for me, tell me what their respective needs are, and we can then sort it out.”

There are an assortment of sizes and colours in the diaries.

“While it will be done on a first come, first serve basis, we would like to get many schools involved,” says Bothma.

Giving back to the community and determined to work alongside schools in the upcoming Walton’s Back-to-school campaign, schools are invited not to miss out on this opportunity.

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