Two left dead in Madadeni shooting on Saturday

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Gunshots rang through the night, laughter replaced with screams and cries of horror. Two people dead and a third injured.

This is a scene which met police officers and emergency personnel at Khazins Tavern in Section 6, Madadeni, on Saturday night, June 15.

The social atmosphere in Khazins Tavern turned sour when a man entered the premises with a firearm. His mission? To apparently wreak havoc.

He allegedly shot and killed the two men, who were apparently the bouncers of the establishment.  Following shooting the two men, he apparently shot a woman. She was shot in one of her hands, before being shot in her body.

While she is in hospital, being treated for her injuries, police are now investigating the matter. Determined to find out what led to the fatal shooting.

Madadeni SAPS spokesperson, Captain Mandlenkosi Nkosi says the suspect was arrested shortly after the incident. His firearm recovered by the police.

“The motive behind the shooting is unknown at this stage. However, the case is under investigation,” Captain Nkosi assures.

With investigations underway, an unnamed source claims the shooting began after the suspect received information that his girlfriend was with another man at the tavern.

This information cannot be confirmed at present until further investigations shed light on the incident.

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