Viresh Mahabeer builds a solid foundation through Exemplar Architects

The world is constantly evolving through technology and the latest social trends. Through this evolution, age-old industries are changing as well.

Viresh Mahabeer is well on his way to creating a new era of architecture, with the establishment of Exemplar Architects.

“The exhilaration of exploring new horizons and pushing personal boundaries empowered me to establish a practice in 2019, as the sole founding Director.”

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But what makes Exemplar Architects special? What makes this architectural practice stand out from the rest?

“Exemplar Architects is a professional architectural practice with a fresh approach to a trendsetting clientele looking to be diverse,” Viresh emphasises.

He elaborates by explaining that Exemplar Architects prides themselves in the highest level of professionalism and design which suits their client’s pocket.

“As part of our professional design services, we cover a broad range of market segments. This includes mixed-use, retail space, office and commercial, hotel and leisure, refurbishment and regeneration, educational, residential, industrial, specialised, urban integration and master planning, as well as interior architecture and design. Services to assist our clients in making informed decisions prior to committing to a building project are also offered and includes pre-briefing exploration, cost estimation and renewal services.”

Exemplar, Newcastillian

Furthermore, Viresh says to ensure all deliverables are achieved, close interaction with the contractor, professional team and client ensure collaborative project satisfaction.

Formerly of Newcastle, what initiatives and projects can residents expect from Viresh and Exemplar Architects?

“Newcastle for a city of its sized population, unfortunately, lacks a lot in terms of retail and entertainment. Especially when compared to some smaller cities in South Africa. For this reason, I recently ran a survey on Facebook asking Newcastillians, what type of retailers, food outlets/restaurants, entertainment (gaming/movies), motor dealerships, hotels, etc. they feel the city requires, is lacking, and in support of.”

He says the response was astounding, with several interesting views, opinions and ideas received.  This enabled Viresh to establish the city’s requirements for further development and investment.

“For starters, we will be undertaking an official market survey of Newcastle to determine the feasibility of establishing new retail, food offering and entertainment opportunities, green urban spaces, hotels and increasing tourism initiatives.”

While looking at investing and developing his hometown, what new projects are Viresh and Exemplar Architects involved in?

“I am currently working on some exciting projects around South Africa. In Kempton Park, we have two projects, one redevelopment of a strip retail centre, and the other a multi-storey motel with fast food outlets at ground level.”

Viresh and Exemplar Architects are also involved with projects in Secunda.

“The projects in Secunda entail creating a Modern Lifestyle Orientated mixed-use precinct within the township of Embalenhle. This will consist of a Retail Convenience Centre and a High-Density Residential Estate. The project is very rewarding in the sense that previously disadvantaged communities are being uplifted.”

He is also involved with a project in Parys, which is categorised as specialised, as it is a Cannabis Cultivation Facility for medicinal purposes.

“This will comprise of greenhouses and a processing plant. This will be the first of its kind in the Free State.”

Exemplar Architects is also busy with an interior store fit out for a tenant at Mbombela Square in Nelspruit.

Looking at the future and creating a new era of architecture for Newcastle, how does Viresh feel technology has evolved the architectural industry? 

Viresh says technology has really transformed the industry in three keyways, which are:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM),
  • Smart Technologies & Materials,
  • Working Flexibility.

“Gone are the days of the drawing board. We now plan, mass and conceptualise everything in 3D, under real site conditions. Working on 3D modelling assists in reducing production time amongst the project team. Especially service coordination. A change is a click away and instant. What this means is, a lot of coordination is required and planning for these occur at an early stage in the project.”

Viresh says buildings are now becoming smart in terms of the technology employed.

“We can now monitor how buildings perform and control services remotely, even via an app. A lot of performance materials are available, from thermal to light control to longevity, and most manufacturers are going the environmentally friendly route.”

Furthermore, Viresh explains that working in isolation is also disappearing.

“We work on the Cloud, so information is instantly available or shared with other team members. Working on the Cloud also offers flexibility and mobility, and we not restricted to the confines of the office.”

With Viresh Mahabeer making a name for himself within the architectural industry, Exemplar Architects is building a solid foundation for years to come.    

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