Curro’s General Manager of Operation Shaun McMurty talks shop

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Curro Holdings has taken over the education sector in good old South Africa. A company which clearly has the “secret recipe” to success.

Watching their share value soaring, their high standards are seeing their private schools and tertiary institutes dominate. Filled with motivated and Curro Brand proud staff members, we sat down with one of their team members to speak about his world.

General Manager of Operations, Shaun McMurty. A man whose dedication to his profession sees him leading several Curro Schools to new heights.

When did Shaun begin his career with Curro?

“I began my career with Curro in 2014 when the school I was working for at the time was bought over by Curro. I was then given the opportunity to be a part of the management team, becoming the regional manager for KZN. However, as Curro grew, the regional system no longer worked, and I was made General Manager. I now head 10 outstanding educational leaders. We meet once a term and share professional ideas, good practices and so forth.”

Overseeing 10 Curro schools, four of which are in Johannesburg and one in Bloemfontein, Shaun says the past five years have been a great experience.

“It is an exciting journey. We offer an educational model which caters for individuals who can afford individual schools such as the Curro schools. We also have our select schools such as St Dominics Newcastle, and then we have the Meridian Schools and academies.”

Each of these catering to different people within their respective communities, ensuring children receive the best possible education.

“Curro owns 128 schools with 58 000 learners. The biggest cluster of Curro Schools being in Gauteng with the Western Cape being the next biggest footprint.”

When it comes to education, Shaun feels it is of the utmost importance that people know just how big of a role Curro schools play within the community.

“Curro is a company which is making a difference within the country, by helping the government solve some of the educational issues faced.”

One of the issues faced by government schools is large classrooms and a lack of individual attention. At Curro schools, Shaun explains children receive the necessary attention to ensure they flourish.

As children are the country’s next leaders, the very people who will help develop South Africa, Shaun says Curro is really making a positive impact. “We are covering the ground and creating new trends, which involve bringing technology into education. This can be seen in subjects such as robotics and IT. We are trying to tap into where the children are and not just seeing them stuck behind desks.”

Doing his part in seeing Curro develops to its fullest, where did Shaun’s career begin in the educational world?

“I have a long and rewarding career, starting in Johannesburg in a state school in 1996. I then went to an independent school, Crawford College, followed by Michaelhouse. From there I went to Grantleigh where I was the head for 10 years. It was during my time there that Curro took over.”

As an English teacher by profession, Shaun says he is fortunate to have coached the SA Schools Debating team from 2001 to 2007, travelling to various countries with the team. “I have also coached squash at a provincial level, as well as coaching soccer and water polo.”

As a man, dedicated to his profession, Shaun McMurty is surely set to leave a positive impact on the educational world, helping mould our future leaders so they can flourish and reach their full potential.

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