Is Madadeni destined to overtake Newcastle in development?

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Madadeni is booming! There is no denying that the once little township which lay on the outskirts of thriving Newcastle is currently enjoying a massive change, boasting new developments, economic growth and a general new upbeat vibe, coursing through the air.

A township that is developing at such a rate, it seems it might cast off the title of a township within a matter of time. From businesses and shopping complexes popping up within the area to an increase in property renovations, there seems to be no stopping Madadeni.

Newcastle is currently going through a major transition in its business landscape and mindset. With technology forcing change, bringing about a new, tangible and profitable age of business and lifestyle like never before. Madadeni however, has been diving into this digital world, embarrassing the changes around them, whilst enjoying the benefits therein.

Looking at the future and the positivity stemming from this gem, the Newcastillian speaks to three business owners and finds out what their thoughts are on Madadeni’s growth, how the mindset of its community has evolved and where they see the town in a few years’ time. This is what they have to say.

Mandla Nzimande of Nzimande Active Body Building, Health and Fitness gym

“The Madadeni community is really into the gym scene. I opened my gym in 2012, starting with a handful of people. There are now more than 50 people training here and the numbers are growing.”

Nzimande says one of the contributing factors in his gym becoming popular, is that people are taking their health more seriously. Which has a positive knock-on effect on the township as a whole, as it means the residents are able to invest in their community and teach the younger generation about the importance of health.

“I have the gym, do hiking plus boot camps in Madadeni. The residents love it and the Madadeni community is really supportive, going out of their way to support me and help each other,” he emphasises.

As for the future, Nzimande says he would not be surprised if Madadeni eventually grows to the point where it absorbs Newcastle.

“Madadeni might just absorb Newcastle at the rate it is growing, but we need to look at how the two communities can help each other in a positive way.”

Xolani Masondo from Vukani Steel Works

“In the building sector, Madadeni is definitely growing. There are the municipality and business owners bringing stuff like Theku Plaza and other mainstream town businesses to Madadeni, as well as residents adding onto their houses.”

Through Vukani Steel Works, which was registered by Xolani’s father in 2003, Xolani says they are able to see from a construction point of view just how rapidly Madadeni is growing. Often helping to make a positive impact on the community through their business.

Yet, while playing a role in the community and seeing Madadeni grow, Xolani says the development does not come without its fair share of challenges.

“When Venco retrenched their employees and Arcelor Mittal faced its issues, it had a challenging effect on Madadeni. However, we are trying and Madadeni is growing rapidly. I think what is assisting its growth is the fact that people are more educated and putting more emphasis on the importance of education. I can see Madadeni growing to the point where it absorbs Newcastle.”

John Banga and Swazi Shabalala from Manifesto Hair Salon

“Over the past year and three months that we have been open, we can see there are a lot more people coming to have their hair done and putting the effort into their appearance,” says John.

“I would like to think it is the quality of work we provide, but it is also because of the mindset that has changed, coupled with Madadeni’s growth,” says Swazi.

Where do they see Madadeni in the future? Do they think it will eventually absorb Newcastle?

“No, I doubt Madadeni will ever grow to the point where it absorbs Newcastle. It will grow bigger and better, but it will always be a township,” says Swazi.

To our readers, what are your thoughts on the growth of Madadeni? Do you feel Madadeni is growing to such an extent that it will positively impact the economy of our area in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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