Youth of today, what grinds you about their behaviour? We asked Newcastillians

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In a world flooded with information and communication, we have seen the youth evolve from having set in ideals and goals, like buying a house, getting married and building up a career in a steady job, to travel bloggers, professional gamers and social media celebrities. And through this transition egos and emotions have gone through the roof.

The youth don’t see how their lack of need or want, is, directly and indirectly, impacting the probability of their success in this life. Yes, a lot of us were rebels without a cause back in the day, but there is just something very different about this new age of digital youth, the generation which many cannot understand.

Let’s admit it, almost every person over the age of 35 years old has an issue with the youth of today. From their outlooks to their choice in language, down to their very clothing. Older standards such as respect and drive being replaced with elaborate goals and a want for a whimsical, free life.

But are there valid reasons for our issues with the youth of today? The world is changing, with societies and communities continuously evolving. The standard of life which we have is extremely different from the standard of life from yesteryear.

So what grates the older generation about youngsters today and where do they see the future heading? The Newcastillian asked community members and this is what they have to say.

Suzaan Koekemoer

“What gets me, is the way they walk with their pants hanging down. Whatever happened to belts? Then the language they use, I don’t know how their parents are raising them. A person also often sees children smoking and drinking in their school uniforms. In my day, you didn’t even hold hands when wearing your school uniform.”

Looking at the future and the behaviour of the youth, what does Suzaan think lays in store for the future?

“These youngsters are going to eventually grow up, but what are they actually going to do with the country and community remains to be seen.”

Rookshana Mooidheen

“Today’s youngsters are arrogant and have no respect for their elders. Then they sit on their phones all day and are not worried about their education. Their parents pay school fees, but they don’t go. When they finish school and want to go to college, they go protest when things don’t go their way. They need to know that without education there is nothing much for them”.

How does Rookshana think their behaviour affects the future of our country and community?

“I’m not sure, but if they can learn respect and start going to school, things will start going better.”

Mark Jacobs

“They have no respect for the elderly or the general public, no values, no morals and are not interested in education. If you confront them about their behaviour, they simply say; “It’s my rights.” The youngsters of today are a lost generation.”

Irrespective of race, creed and religion, Mark says there is not much hope for the future unless the youth start learning to show respect and develop a sense of morals, values and start working on developing their education.

Seshne Jacobs

“Everything is a party for the younger generation. They have no respect for themselves or others. The younger generation has no goals, no ambition and no dreams for the future. They are simply happy to live off their parents. When you confront them about their actions, they say it is their constitutional right to do it. It is their life. I recently confronted a young girl about the number of men she was sleeping with and she said it is her life and she will do as she pleases.”

Seshne does not feel there is much hope for the future unless youngsters start developing a set of goals, morals and values.

Betsie Merifield

“There are a lot of differences between the youngsters of today and my generation. The youngsters of today have no manners, they expect everything to be handed to them on a plate and they are rude and show no respect to their parents or their elders.”

While saying not all youngsters fall into the same mould as the bulk, Betsie says what annoys her is that the youth have no actual reason for behaving this way. As for the future, what does Betsie think the future holds for our youth?

“I feel sorry for them, I really do. What benefits do they have? It isn’t like our day where they could achieve something based on their standard of work. I think if all the children are treated equal, things might go better.”

Do you agree the youth of today have almost no morals, values and are disrespectful? If so, tell us why you agree. If you disagree, explain to us why you do not agree.

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