What makes employing good staff so difficult in Newcastle

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One of the greatest challenges Newcastle businesses face, is none other than good, motivated staff who are driven to succeed and see their respective place of employment flourish. As a media house, we deal with a plethora of businesses, of which many complain about this very issue.

Walking into a local business and being met by a person who is not qualified or experienced for that position, is not an uncommon occurrence. This coupled with little to no passion and dismal client service results in the respective business and local economy hurting on unexplainable levels.

Could it be a lack of training on the employer’s behalf? Or could it be a lack of want on the employees part? One thing is certain, this challenge needs to be taken seriously if we hope to see good old Newcastle develop.

Admittingly, there are brilliant people in certain shopping outlets and businesses. But the fact remains, there seems to be a serious issue in the lack of quality service and staffing. The Newcastillian visited three businesses and found out what the biggest issues are when it comes to employing good people.

Alicia and Amanda Beyers of Ithemba Racing

Alicia and Amanda explain finding good staff is as scarce as chicken teeth. “Finding people who want to work, show consistency and transparency in their work, while being hardworking is rare,” says Alicia.

Amanda adds, that often, new employees will start their jobs with a bang, giving it their all, before their work ethic starts fading. “People want money, but they do not want to work and put in the effort.”

But why are good employees so hard to find?

Both Amanda and Alicia believe the problem lays mostly with the millennial generation. Unlike previous generations, they explain the millennial generation often lacks the drive to give it their all at work.

“It isn’t entirely their fault. Parents play a big role in it, as they often leave their children, instead of putting their foot down and pushing their child to succeed,” says Amanda.

Shamiel Fakie of Total on Murchison

Shamiel says he has noticed the biggest issue faced when looking for good staff, is work ethic.

“Everybody wants a job and to receive their money, but no one wants to work for it. We have people coming to look for work, but they don’t take their jobs seriously.”

Despite continuous training and giving people chances, he says there is always a handful of staff who will let you down.

“We have some great staff, but unfortunately some just don’t last, no matter how many chances or how much help you give them.”

Louw Conradie of Nashua Maluti

“I would say the biggest issue in finding good staff is finding the right people for the position, to work for your company. People who are dedicated and offer quality work, who have the necessary skills and education.”

Furthermore, Louw explains that if a business needs to employ an individual from outside the Newcastle area, they need to realise they will be competing with salary incentives from the area in which the person is currently living. This is because city salaries are often higher than what a person can expect to receive in Newcastle.

“One needs to determine if it’s financially viable to get staff who are currently earning city salaries. But you need to realise you are going to pay for quality staff.”

When looking outside of Newcastle, Louw elaborates one needs to look at the person’s qualifications, their experience and if they are willing to relocate to Newcastle.

While emphasising the importance of looking for highly qualified individuals who are driven to excel, Louw explains one also needs to look at the individuals working for us, and provide them with the necessary training in order for these individuals to better themselves.

“You can employee a great person with the necessary skills and qualifications and still get poor service. Or you can employ a person and give them the correct tools and they will give excellent service to the company.”

Loyalty is another contributing factor to a staff member providing good service.

“Loyalty comes from within. You must also look after your staff because if you do, they will look after you and your company. In closing I must say that the good ones are out there, it’s up to us to go out find them,” says Louw.

As businesses constantly strive to ensure they employ the best staff possible, it seems that hiring people will always remain a gamble. While some provide excellent service and exercise immense loyalty, there will always be those who are simply not cut out for their respective industries.

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2 thoughts on “What makes employing good staff so difficult in Newcastle

  • 30th May 2019 at 5:53 pm

    My comment on this is we have many work experience and even when we apply for the job we still don’t get the job. company’s in Newcastle want staff with experience but they will rather take the person with the less experience and the person who will cost the company less salary to pay .why don’t they rather choose people with the longer years experience and pay a high salary .that way u will keep your right staff and people that will stay longer in the company and grow with you’re business. This is just my opinion

  • 31st May 2019 at 9:47 am

    I think there should be looked at the employers. I know of a lot of staff at a lot of businesses in nn that is treated disgustingly by their employers. Its not always the workers thats at fault a lot of the times its how they are treated by their bosses


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