Klein Spoortjies promotes Tekkie Tax Day

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A relaxed atmosphere prevails as shoppers stroll around Newcastle Corner. It is a Saturday morning and that means unwinding and catching up on choirs.

However, there are those who are on a mission. The Klein Spoortjies staff are at the shopping centre to make a difference. On Saturday, May 25, the staff took to the Newcastle Centre to promote Tekkie Tax Day. Selling an array of memorabilia for the upcoming charitable cause.

International Tekkie Tax Day takes place on May 31. It is a day which will see several non-profit organisations reach out to those in need.

Having started in 2013, Tekkie Tax Day is growing to become one of South Africa’s biggest charitable drives.

At present, there are 12 National Alliance Partners, representing scores of non-profit organisations. These include the various SPCA Organisations, SAVF, FAMSA, Lifeline SA, various Child Welfare organisations, SOS Children’s Villages, Childline SA, Epilepsy SA, Down Syndrome SA and CANSA.

How can you participate in Tekkie Tax Day?

Klein Spoortjies Pre-Primary School is selling a number of Tekkie Tax Day memorabilia for the community to purchase. These products include:

  • Bring Hope stickers
  • Tekkie Tax ‘hickies’ silicone laces
  • T-Shirts
  • Tattoos

One of the highlights of Tekkie Tax Day is that participants can choose which charitable cause they want to support when purchasing any of the products.

As this is the first time Klein Spoortjies is participating in Tekkie Tax Day by supplying merchandise, the community is encouraged to support the school in its drive.

For those who want to make a positive contribution, be sure to contact Klein Spoortjies on 034 312 3677.

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