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Carpentry is more than a career. It is a personal relationship between man, nature and machine in the pursuit of perfection and beauty.

It is a relationship which Crane’s Nest has perfected over the past 11 years, creating unique décor for both home and office spaces.

What makes Crane’s Nest stand out from other businesses?

“We offer hands-on services, we don’t send out salespeople and merely leave our workers on site to work,” says Tracy Hatting.

Taking great pride in their work and business ethics, Tom and Tracy Hatting spend as much time as needed with their clientele to ensure the quality and customer service resonates professionalism.

“We go out and see the clients, we do the designing and everything. We eat, live and breathe business. Tom is often on his hands and knees at the site himself, to ensure everything is according to standard,” emphasises Tracy.

Passionate about their products, Tom explains that he has a motto which he, Tracy and their staff live by.

“The quality of your product is the most important thing for your business. Your product speaks volumes of you and your business. Which is why it is of the utmost importance to never compromise on quality.”

Such is their passion and pride in their products and workmanship, it is the very driving force of their business.

“We strive to offer quality products. Nothing goes out without being checked and we believe in quality over quantity,” says Tracy.

But when it comes to woodwork, what exactly does Crane’s Nest do?

Kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, furniture, carpentry and restorations all form part of Crane’s Nest’s expertise.

Ensuring the community’s home and office renovation needs are met in the pursuit of creating a beautiful environment made up of high-end, solid wood products.

What are the benefits of choosing a local business such as Crane’s Nest over out of town businesses?

“By coming to a local business such as ours, you receive great after sales service. If something does perchance go wrong, we are here, and we can sort it out immediately,” says Tracy.

Furthermore, Tracy emphasises that cost also plays a role in supporting local businesses such as Crane’s Nest. Not only will the services work out more cost-efficient, but so will the product.

As Crane’s Nest designs and creates custom made products, Tom and Tracy claim they love the creative side of their industry.

“When we design and build something for you, you are guaranteed that what you have is one of a kind,” smiles Tracy.

As masters in their industry, be sure to visit Crane’s Nest at 7 Pascal Circle, Airport Industrial, Newcastle. Or visit their facebook page by clicking here to get in contact with them.

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