Virasha Moodley, keeping your figures in check

The professional world is made up of individuals who have dedicated their time and resources to a career which is a necessity in today’s society. Each contributing to various industries through their respective career choices.

One such individual is the professional accountant, Virasha Moodley.

How did Virasha become an accountant?

“After high school, I initially went to university to study law. and I realised it wasn’t for me. I had always enjoyed accountancy at school, and it was there that my passion lay. So, I left university and came home. I then studied accountancy through UNISA.”

Studying and starting her accounting career at Shabir Goga Incorporated as a trainee, Virasha pursued her true calling in life.

“I qualified in 2011 and then started my practice in 2016. Opening my own practice and obtaining clients, is one of the highlights of my career thus far. As well as being able to have the entrepreneurial spirit, being a go-getter and experiencing something I never knew I had in me,” she explains.

What does Virasha enjoy most about her career?

“I enjoy meeting different people, hearing their stories and issues, then finding a solution and helping them.”

However, her profession is not without its challenges and misconceptions.

One of the challenges is the extensive workload that comes with being an accountant. “It is a deadline-based job and there are times where I work until 2 am.”

In terms of misconceptions, Virasha feels people tend to think of accountants as being boring individuals, however, she assures this is not the case.

But what does an accountant do?

“It is our duty to ensure our clients’ financial records are well kept. Ensuring they compliant with the tax man as well as run efficiently, while they do business,” Virasha explains.

It is because of this, that Virasha says professionalism and integrity are of the utmost importance in the accounting world.

With her sights on the future, ensuring financial stability for her clientele, Virasha Moodley is truly a Newcastle professional.

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